Panel on Constitutional Affairs

Special meeting on Saturday, 15 January 2005 at 9:30 am
in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building


  1. Pros and cons of the existing political structure and the implications on good governance/The executive and the legislature relationship/The system and role of the civil service
    (9:30 am - 12:55 pm)

    Meeting with deputations and the Administration

    (1) The Hong Kong Federation of Electrical and Mechanical Contractors
    [LC Paper No. CB(2)613/04-05(01)] (issued on 12 January 2005)
    [LC Paper No. CB(2)681/04-05(06)] (Chinese version only)

    (2) New Century Forum
    [LC Paper No. CB(2)658/04-05(01)] (issued on 14 January 2005)
    (Chinese version only)

    (3) Mr WONG Bing-kuen, Member of Kwai Tsing District Council
    [LC Paper No. CB(2)645/04-05(01)] (issued on 13 January 2005)
    (Chinese version only)

    (4) Association of Engineering Professionals in Society Ltd.
    [LC Paper No. CB(2)658/04-05(02)] (issued on 14 January 2005)
    (Chinese version only)

    (5) Kowloon Federation of Associations
    [LC Paper No. CB(2)658/04-05(03)] (issued on 14 January 2005)
    (Chinese version only)

    (6) Mr LEUNG Wai-kuen, Vice Chairman of Yau Tsim Mong District Council

    (7) Hong Kong Chinese Civil Servants' Association
    [LC Paper No. CB(2)681/04-05(01)] (Chinese version only)

    (8) The Democratic Party
    [LC Paper No. CB(2)658/04-05(04)] (issued on 14 January 2005) (Chinese version only)

    (9) Power for Democracy
    [LC Paper No. CB(2)681/04-05(02)] (Chinese version only)

    (10) Neighbourhood and Worker's Service Centre
    [LC Paper No. CB(2)681/04-05(03)] (Chinese version only)

    (11) Front Line Welfare Employees Union
    [LC Paper No. CB(2)681/04-05(04)] (Chinese version only)

    (12) Mr LEUNG Siu-tong, Member of Island District Council
    [LC Paper No. CB(2)658/04-05(05)] (issued on 14 January 2005)
    (Chinese version only)

    (13) Hong Kong General Building Contractors Association
    [LC Paper No. CB(2)716/04-05(01)] (Chinese version only)

    (14) Concern on Hong Kong Future Development Group

    (15) Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor
    [LC Paper No. CB(2)681/04-05(05)] (English version only)

  2. Any other business
    (12:55 pm - 1:00 pm)
Council Business Division 2
Legislative Council Secretariat
14 January 2005