Panel on Home Affairs

Special meeting on
Saturday, 11 December 2004 from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon
in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building


* I.Consultation Paper entitled "Legislating against Racial Discrimination"
(9:00 am - 11:55 am)

Relevant papers

Consultation Paper entitled "Legislating against Racial Discrimination"

File ref : HAB/CR/1/19/102

--Legislative Council Brief ("Public consultation on proposed legislation against racial discrimination")

LC Paper No. CB(2)155/04-05(01)

--Background brief prepared by Legislative Council Secretariat on "Legislating against Racial Discrimination"


--Information note on "Legislation against Racial Discrimination in Selected Places"

Meeting with deputations and discussion with the Administration

(a)Equal Opportunities Commission
[LC Paper No. CB(2)391/04-05(01)]

(b)The British Chamber of Commerce

(c)Employers' Federation of Hong Kong
[LC Paper No. CB(2)348/04-05(01)]

(d)Hong Kong Human Rights Commission
[LC Paper No. CB(2)348/04-05(02)]

(e)Society for Community Organization
[LC Paper No. CB(2)348/04-05(02)]
[LC Paper No. CB(2)348/04-05(03)] (Chinese version only)

(f)The Democratic Party

(g)The Association of the Advancement of Feminism

(h)New Immigrants' Mutual Aid Association
[LC Paper No. CB(2)348/04-05(03)] (Chinese version only)

(i)Amnesty International Hong Kong

(j)Hong Kong Christian Service
[LC Paper No. CB(2)377/04-05(01)]

(k)Unison Hong Kong

(l)The Indian Resources Group

(m)YMCA of Hong Kong (Cheung Sha Wan Centre)

(n)International Human Rights Forum

(o)Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor
[LC Paper No. CB(2)391/04-05(02)]

(p)Civil Human Rights Front
[LC Paper No. CB(2)406/04-05(01)] (Chinese version only)

(q)Hong Kong Association for Community Inclusion
[LC Paper No. CB(2)406/04-05(03)] (Chinese version only)

(r)Hong Kong Christian Institute
[LC Paper No. CB(2)406/04-05(04)] (Chinese version only)

(s)Gurkha Son & Daughter's Social Organization. (GSDO), HK

(t)Nepalese Community (G.C.)

(u)Pakistan Community (Jammu & Kashmir liberation front)

(v)Indian Community

(w)Nepalese Youth Club

(x)Democratic Alliance For Betterment of Hong Kong

Organisation which only provides written submission

LC Paper No. CB(2)348/04-05(02)

--Written submission from Coalition for Racial Equality

LC Paper No. CB(2)406/04-05(02)
(Chinese version only)

--Written submission from Justice and Peace Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Diocese

II.Any other business
(11:55 am - 12:00 noon)

* All other Hon LegCo Members are invited to join the discussion.

Council Business Division 2
Legislative Council Secretariat
11 December 2004