Panel on Transport

Special meeting on
Friday, 16 September 2005 at 3:30 pm
in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building


*I.Impact of sustained high oil prices on public transport services
(3:30 pm - 6:30 pm)

Meeting with deputations and the Administration

  1. Hong Kong Kowloon and New Territories Public & Maxicab Light Bus Merchants' United Association
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)2272/04-05(01) (in Chinese only) (issued on 14 September 2005)]

  2. Public Light Bus General Association

  3. Public Omnibus Operators Association Limited

  4. New World First Bus Services Limited

  5. Citybus Limited

  6. Rights of Taxi Owners and Drivers Association Limited
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)2272/04-05(02) (in Chinese only) (issued on 14 September 2005)]

  7. Park Island Transport Company Limited

  8. New Lantao Bus Company (1973) Limited

  9. New World First Ferry Services Limited
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)2279/04-05(01) (issued on 15 September 2005)]

  10. China Hong Kong and Macau Boundary Crossing Bus Association Limited

  11. Lam Tin Wai Hoi Public Light Bus Association

  12. G.M.B. Maxicab Operators General Association Limited
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)2272/04-05(03) (in Chinese only) (issued on 14 September 2005)]

  13. The "Star" Ferry Company Limited
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)2272/04-05(04) (in Chinese only) (issued on 14 September 2005)]

  14. The Kowloon Motor Bus Company (1933) Limited
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)2279/04-05(02) (issued on 15 September 2005)]

  15. Hong Kong & Kowloon Ferry Limited
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)2279/04-05(03) (issued on 15 September 2005)]

  16. Hon Wah Public Light Bus Association Limited

  17. The Hong Kong Taxi and Public Light Bus Association Limited.

  18. Non-franchised Public Buses Workers Association

  19. Discovery Bay Transportation Services Limited
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)2272/04-05(05) (in Chinese only) (issued on 14 September 2005)]

  20. Tuen Mun Public Light Bus Association

  21. Tsui Wah Ferry Service (H.K.) Limited

  22. Wai Yik Hong Kong and Kowloon and New Territories Taxi Owners Association Limited

  23. HK Public-Light Bus Owner & Driver Association

  24. Pak Kai Taxi Owners Association Limited

  25. Non-franchise Public Bus Association Limited
    [LC Paper No. CB(1)2279/04-05(05) (in Chinese only) (issued on 15 September 2005)]

  26. The Fuel Price Concerning Transportation Joint Conference

  27. Hong Kong & Kowloon Motor Boats & Tug Boats Association Limited

  28. Motor Transport Workers General Union

  29. Lei Yue Mun and Ko Chiu Road Public Light Bus Merchants Association Limited
Other submissions received

LC Paper No. CB(1)2272/04-05(06)
(issued on 14 September 2005)

-Submission from 混凝土業職工會 (in Chinese only)

LC Paper No. CB(1)2272/04-05(07)
(issued on 14 September 2005)

-Submission from Hong Kong Scheduled (GMB) Licensee Association (in Chinese only)

LC Paper No. CB(1)2279/04-05(04)
(issued on 15 September 2005)

-Submission from the Environmental Light Bus Alliance (in Chinese only)

LC Paper No. CB(1)2279/04-05(06)
(issued on 15 September 2005)

-Submission from Hang Po Transportation Company Limited (in Chinese only)

Meeting with the Administration

LC Paper No. CB(1)2272/04-05(08)
(issued on 14 September 2005)

-Information paper provided by the Administration

II.Any other business
(6:30 pm onwards)

*Non-Panel Members are invited to the meeting to join the discussion of the items.

Council Business Division 1
Legislative Council Secretariat
15 September 2005