Agenda for
Public Works Subcommittee Meeting
to be held on Thursday, 6 April 2006
at 10:45 a.m. in Conference Room A,
the Legislative Council Building

Item No.Subject

Head 709 - Waterworks
1.PWSC(2006-07)1174WCReplacement and rehabilitation of water mains, stage 1 phase 2
(In attendance : Director of Water Supplies / Assistant Director(New Works), Water Supplies Department)

Head 705 - Civil Engineering
Greening master plan for Kowloon West - studies and works

36CGGreening master plan for Hong Kong Island - studies and works
(In attendance : Director of Civil Engineering and Development / Assistant Director(Administration), Civil Engineering and Development Department)

Head 703 - Buildings
3.PWSC(2006-07)3324EPPrimary school at Hiu Kwong Street, Sau Mau Ping, Kwun Tong
(In attendance : Deputy Secretary for Education and Manpower(2) / Principal Assistant Secretary for Education and Manpower (Infrastructure & Research Support) / Director of Architectural Services)


(Public officers in attendance of all items : Permanent Secretary for Housing, Planning and Lands (Planning and Lands) / Permanent Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works (Works)(Acting) / Deputy Director of Environmental Protection (1))

~ End ~