The LegCo Reporter
Issue No. 6 (1 December 2005)

At its meeting on 30 November 2005, the Legislative Council passed the following bill:

At the same meeting, the Council passed the following motion with no legislative effect:

    Motion on "Preventing avian influenza", moved by Hon Fred LI Wah-ming as amended by Hon Vincent FANG Kang and further amended by Hon Andrew CHENG Kar-foo

    "That, as cases of avian influenza have successively occurred in many countries, in order to guard against the recurrence of an avian influenza outbreak in Hong Kong and prevent human infections of avian influenza, this Council urges the Government to consider establishing, as early as possible, a steering group led by the Chief Executive to combat the pandemic, to set aside sufficient funds, on condition that a proper monitoring mechanism has been put in place, to defray the expenditure in this regard, ensure that the government officials responsible for coordinating the work of combating the pandemic can flexibly deploy the resources and procure health care equipment according to the exigencies of the work, to enhance the preventive efforts by strengthening influenza vaccination and public education on influenza prevention, etc, to expeditiously introduce a trial scheme on regional slaughtering after putting in place proper arrangements for compensating the live poultry trade and assisting affected trade operators to switch their business or jobs, prohibit individuals from rearing poultry and strictly implement the policy of a fifty-fifty supply of imported and local live poultry, with a view to further improving the sanitary conditions in farms as well as live poultry and birds wholesale and retail outlets; the Government should also step up efforts in monitoring the movements of migratory birds in the territory."