Panel on Planning, Lands and Works

Special Meeting on
Wednesday, 25 January 2006, at 2:30 pm
in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building


* I.Kai Tak Planning Review
(2:30 pm - 5:25 pm)

Meeting with deputations and the Administration
1.Mr Paul ZIMMERMAN, Convenor, Designing Hong Kong Harbour District and Principal, The Experience Group, Limited
(LC Paper No. CB(1)567/05-06(01) -- English version only (issued on 19.12.2005))

2.Hong Kong & Kowloon Motor Boats & Tug Boats Association Ltd.

3.Kowloon City District Council
(LC Paper No. CB(1)769/05-06(01) -- Chinese version only (issued on 23.1.2006))

4.Community Alliance on Kai Tak Development
(LC Paper No. CB(1)698/05-06(02) -- Chinese version only (issued on 13.1.2006))

5.City Planning Concern Group
(LC Paper No. CB(1)591/05-06(01) -- Chinese version only (issued on 21.12.2005))
(LC Paper No. CB(1)750/05-06(08) -- Chinese version only (issued on 19.1.2006))
(LC Paper No. CB(1)769/05-06(02) -- Chinese version only (issued on 23.1.2006))

(LC Paper No. CB(1)750/05-06(02) -- Chinese version only (issued on 19.1.2006))

7.Hong Kong Cargo-Vessel Traders' Association Ltd.
(LC Paper No. CB(1)750/05-06(03) -- Chinese version only (issued on 19.1.2006))

8.Mr TIN Sai-ming, Tsuen Wan District Council Member
(LC Paper No. CB(1)750/05-06(04) -- Chinese version only (issued on 19.1.2006))

9.Hong Kong Aviation Club
(LC Paper No. CB(1)759/05-06(01) -- English version only (issued on 20.1.2006))

10.The Save Kai Tak Campaign

11.Hong Kong Logistics Management Staff Association
(LC Paper No. CB(1)750/05-06(05) -- Chinese version only (issued on 19.1.2006))

12.Wan Chai District Council

13.Hong Kong Tourism Board

14.The Hong Kong Institute of Architects

15.Hong Kong Air Cadet Corps
(LC Paper No. CB(1)502/05-06(01) -- English version only (issued on 9.12.2005))
(LC Paper No. CB(1)750/05-06(07) -- English version only (issued on 19.1.2006))

16.Hong Kong, China Rowing Association
(LC Paper No. CB(1)769/05-06(03)(issued on 23.1.2006))

17.Hong Kong Football Association Limited
(LC Paper No. CB(1)750/05-06(06) -- English version only (issued on 19.1.2006))

18.Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong

19.Tuen Mun District Council

20.The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
(LC Paper No. CB(1)769/05-06(04) -- English version only (issued on 23.1.2006))

21.Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation
(LC Paper No. CB(1)769/05-06(05)(issued on 23.1.2006))

22.The Hong Kong Construction Association
(LC Paper No. CB(1)769/05-06(06) -- English version only (issued on 23.1.2006))

23.HK Civic Design Association
(LC Paper No. CB(1)759/05-06(02) -- English version only (issued on 20.1.2006))

24.S.K.Y. Travel

25.Hong Kong Muay Thai Association
(LC Paper No. CB(1)769/05-06(07) -- English version only (issued on 23.1.2006))

26.H.K. General Building Contractors Association Ltd.

27.Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China

28.The Hong Kong Institute of Planners
(LC Paper No. CB(1)769/05-06(08) -- English version only (issued on 23.1.2006))

29.Hong Kong Rugby Football Union

30.The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors

Submissions from organizations not attending the meeting

LC Paper No. CB(1)698/05-06(01)
(English version only)(issued on 13.1.2006)

-Submission from The Real Estate Developers Association of Hong Kong

LC Paper No. CB(1)750/05-06(01)
(English version only)(issued on 19.1.2006)

-Submission from Hong Kong Hotels Association

LC Paper No. CB(1)778/05-06(01)
(English version only)(attached)

-Submission from Hong Kong Squash

Other relevant papers previously issued

LC Paper No. CB(1)525/05-06(05)
(issued on 16.12.2005)

-Information paper provided by the Administration

LC Paper No. CB(1)525/05-06(06)
(issued on 16.12.2005)

-Background brief on "Kai Tak Planning Review" prepared by the Legislative Council Secretariat

II.Any other business
(5:25 pm - 5:30 pm)

* Other Legislative Council Members are invited to join the discussion on this item.

Council Business Division 1
Legislative Council Secretariat
24 January 2006