Bills Committee on Independent Police Complaints Council Bill

Meeting on Thursday, 6 December 2007, at 2:30 pm
in the Chamber of the Legislative Council Building

Updated Agenda

  1. Meeting with deputations and the Administration
    (2:30 pm - 4:25 pm)

    Deputations attending

    1.Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor

    LC Paper No. CB(2)499/07-08(02)
    (English version only)


    2.Action for REACH OUT

    LC Paper No. CB(2)499/07-08(03)
    (Chinese version only)
    (issued on 4.12.2007)


    3.Civil Human Rights Front

    LC Paper No. CB(2)499/07-08(04)
    (Chinese version only)


    4.Zi Teng

    LC Paper No. CB(2)473/07-08(01)
    (Chinese version only)
    (issued on 3.12.2007)


    5.JJJ Association

    LC Paper No. CB(2)499/07-08(05)
    (Chinese version only)

    Relevant papers

    LC Paper No. CB(2)243/07-08(02)
    (issued vide LC Paper No. CB(2)256/07-08 on 05.11.2007)

    -Administration's paper setting out a comparison between the Independent Police Complaints Council (IPCC) Bill introduced in 2007 and the IPCC Bill introduced in 1996

    LC Paper No. CB(2)243/07-08(03)
    (English version issued on 02.11.2007, Chinese version issued vide LC Paper No. CB(2)274/07-08 on 07.11.2007)

    -Administration's response regarding whether the statutory Independent Police Complaints Council should be empowered to investigate complaints lodged by the public against the Police

    The Bill
    (issued vide LC Paper No. CB(3)762/06-07 on 29.6.2007)

    (A list of relevant papers previously issued is available on the LegCo website at

  2. Date of next meeting
    (4:25 pm - 4:30 pm)

Council Business Division 2
Legislative Council Secretariat
5 December 2007