Subcommittee on
Air Pollution Control (Volatile Organic Compounds) Regulation

Second meeting on
Thursday, 4 January 2007, at 8:30 am
in Conference Room A of the Legislative Council Building


I.Confirmation of minutes
(8:30 am - 8:35 am)

LC Paper No. CB(1) 614/06-07
(issued vide LC Paper No. CB(1) 615/06-07 on 3 January 2007)

-Minutes of the meeting held on 15 December 2006

II.Meeting with deputations and the Administration
(8:35 am - 10:25 am)

Meeting with deputations

(a)Consumer Council
LC Paper No. CB(1) 616/06-07(01) (attached)

(b)Clear The Air
LC Paper No. CB(1) 616/06-07(02) (to follow)

(c)The Cosmetic & Perfumery Association of Hong Kong Ltd
LC Paper No. CB(1) 616/06-07(03) (attached)

(d)Hong Kong Retail Management Association
LC Paper No. CB(1) 616/06-07(04) (English version only) (attached)

(e)Hong Kong Suppliers Association
LC Paper No. CB(1) 616/06-07(05) (English version only) (attached)

(f)Hong Kong Architectural Coating Association

(g)Federation of Beauty Industry (H.K.)

(h)Green Council
LC Paper No. CB(1) 616/06-07(06) (English version only) (attached)

Submission from deputation not attending the meeting

LC Paper No. CB(1) 616/06-07(07)

-Submission from the Hong Kong Association for Testing, Inspection and Certification Ltd (English version only)

Meeting with the Administration

LC Paper No. CB(1) 616/06-07(08)

-Assistant Legal Adviser's further letter dated 22 December 2006 responding to the Administration's reply (LC Paper No. CB(1) 532/06-07(01))

LC Paper No. CB(1) 616/06-07(09)

-Administration's response to LC Paper No. CB(1) 616/06-07(08)

(A list of relevant papers previously issued is available on the LegCo website at

III.Any other business
(10:25 am - 10:30 am)

Council Business Division 1
Legislative Council Secretariat
3 January 2007