Panel on Security

Meeting on
Thursday, 25 January 2007, at 10:45 am
in Conference Room A of the Legislative Council Building

Revised Agenda

I.Confirmation of minutes of previous meeting
(10:45 am - 10:50 am)

LC Paper No. CB(2)880/06-07
(issued vide LC Paper No. CB(2)881/06-07 on 17.1.2007)

-Minutes of meeting held on 5 December 2006

II.Information papers issued since the last meeting
(10:50 am - 10:55 am)

LC Paper No. CB(2)663/06-07
(Chinese version issued on 15.12.2006, English version issued vide LC Paper No. CB(2)820/06-07 on 9.1.2007)

-A referral from a meeting on 31 October 2006 between Legislative Council Members and Heung Yee Kuk Councillors regarding the land use strategy of the Frontier Closed Area

LC Paper No. CB(2)755/06-07(01)
(issued on 2.1.2007)

-Supplementary information provided by the Administration on its improvement works to working areas in old Police stations

LC Paper No. CB(2)756/06-07(01)
(issued on 2.1.2007)

-Paper provided by the Administration on the latest development of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region electronic passport

LC Paper No. CB(2)829/06-07(01)
(issued on 9.1.2007)

-Paper provided by the Administration on "Alleged abuse of power by a principal ambulanceman"

III.Crime situation in 2006
(10:55 am - 12:10 pm)

LC Paper No. CB(2)910/06-07(01)

-A comparison of 2006 and 2005 crime situation provided by the Administration

*IV.Proposed commencement of the Fire Safety (Buildings) Ordinance
(12:10 pm - 12:40 pm)

LC Paper No. CB(2)910/06-07(02)

-Paper provided by the Administration

V.Any other business
(12:40 pm - 12:45 pm)

* All other Hon Members of LegCo are invited to attend

Council Business Division 2
Legislative Council Secretariat
19 January 2007