Finance Committee Meeting

held on Friday, 16 May 2008, at 3:00 pm

Record of decisions

ItemPaper No.SubjectDecisions
1.FCR(2008-09)12Recommendations of the Establishment Subcommittee made on 30 April 2008 -


  • To create one permanent post of Chief Structural Engineer in Housing Department with effect from 7 July 2008 to oversee the Comprehensive Structural Investigation Programme; and the revision and redistribution of duties and responsibilities among some other directorate posts in the department

  • With effect from 1 September 2008 -
    (a)to create a new rank of Senior Primary School Master/Mistress in the Primary School Master/Mistress grade as deputy heads of public sector primary schools with 12 classes or above and as heads of public sector primary schools with 11 classes or less;
    (b)to upward adjustment of the minimum pay point of the Headmaster/Headmistress II rank of the Primary School Master/Mistress grade from MPS 34 to MPS 35; and
    (c)to increase in the establishment ceiling of Head 156 - Government Secretariat: Education Bureau in 2008-09 from $2,412,996,000 by $3,884,160 to $2,416,880,160 for implementing the above proposals in government primary schools
  • To create one permanent post of Assistant Director of Social Welfare in Social Welfare Department to be offset by deletion of one permanent post of Principal Social Work Officer to head the Social Security Branch and to take charge of the social security portfolio
(a)provision of one additional month of the standard rate of Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) payment for CSSA recipients and one additional month of allowance for recipients of Disability Allowance;
(b)provision of one-off grant of $3,000 for recipients of Old Age Allowance;
(c)provision of a monthly transport supplement of $200 each for CSSA recipients aged between 12 and 64 with 100% disability and recipients of Disability Allowance in the same age group;
(d)note the financial implications of (a) and (b) above on a one-off basis, and of (c) above in annual recurrent expenditure; and
(e)supplementary provisions under Head 170 Social Welfare Department Subhead 179 CSSA scheme and Subhead 180 Social security allowance scheme

3.FCR(2008-09)10Home Environment Improvement Scheme for the Elderly

4.FCR(2008-09)11Financial Assistance Scheme for Designated Evening Adult Education Courses

5.FCR(2008-09)13Redeveloping the Personnel Information Communal System of the Hong Kong Police Force

6.FCR(2008-09)14Procuring a replacement Crash Fire Tender

7.FCR(2008-09)6Starting time of Finance Committee meetings and related meeting arrangements