Subcommittee to Study Six Items of Subsidiary Legislation under the Trade Descriptions Ordinance Gazetted on 18 April 2008

First meeting
on Tuesday, 6 May 2008, at 2:30 pm
in Conference Room B of the Legislative Council Building


I.Election of Chairman
(2:30 pm - 2:35 pm)

II.Meeting with the Administration
(2:35 pm - 4:25 pm)

Ref: CITB CR14/18/2)
(issued on 16 April 2008)

-Legislative Council Brief issued by the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau

LC Paper No. LS76/07-08
(issued vide LC Paper No. CB(2)1721/07-08 on 24 April 2008)

-Legal Service Division Report on Subsidiary Legislation tabled in the Legislative Council on 23 April 2008

LC Paper No. CB(1)1435/07-08(01)

-Background brief prepared by the Legislative Council Secretariat

LC Paper No. CB(1)1435/07-08(02)

-Assistant Legal Adviser's letter dated 23 April 2008 to the Administration

LC Paper No. CB(1)1435/07-08(03)

-Assistant Legal Adviser's letter dated 28 April 2008 to the Administration

LC Paper No. CB(1)1435/07-08(04)

-Marked-up copy of Trade Descriptions (Marking) (Gold and Gold Alloy) (Amendment) Order 2008 (Cap. 362 sub. leg. A), Trade Descriptions (Marking) (Platinum) Regulations (Cap. 362 sub. Leg. C) and Trade Descriptions (Definition of Platinum) Regulations (Cap. 362 sub. leg. B) as amended by L.N. 82 to L.N. 84

III.Any other business
(4:25 pm - 4:30 pm)

Council Business Division 1
Legislative Council Secretariat
5 May 2008