Subcommittee on Proposed Resolutions under Section 29 of the Public Finance Ordinance (Cap. 2) and Section 3 of the Loans Ordinance (Cap. 61)


Members concerns raised at the meeting and the Administration's response

LC Paper No.PaperMeeting date
CB(1)1994/08-09(01) Administration's response to proposed amendments put forward by Hon KAM Nai-wai, Hon James TO and Hon Albert HO (follow up paper) 18 June 2009
CB(1)1721/08-09(01) Hon Mrs Regina IP's comments on the proposed resolutions (follow up paper) (English version only) 25 May 2009
8 June 2009
CB(1)1813/08-09(02) Hon Mrs Regina IP's letter to the Chairman of the Subcommittee dated 2 June 2009 (English version only) 8 June 2009
CB(1)1813/08-09(04) Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited's written response to questions raised by Hon Mrs Regina IP 8 June 2009