Subcommittee on Subsidiary Legislation
Relating to Voting by Imprisoned Persons

Meeting on Wednesday, 2 September 2009, from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
in Conference Room A of the Legislative Council Building

Revised Agenda
(as at 1 September 2009)

I.Meeting with the Administration
(9:30 am - 12:25 pm)

Scrutiny of the detailed provisions of the subsidiary legislation

REO 14/32/5(CR)
(issued on 18 June 2009)

-Legislative Council Brief

REO 14/32/5(CR)
(issued on 2 July 2009)

-Legislative Council Brief

L.N. 162 of 2009
(issued on 14 July 2009)

-Voting by Imprisoned Persons Ordinance (Commencement) Notice 2009

LC Paper Nos. CB(2)2211/08-09(01) - (05)
(issued on 14 July 2009)

-Marked-up copies of the Amendment Regulations relating to practical voting arrangements

LC Paper Nos. CB(2)2211/08-09(06) - (08)
(issued on 14 July 2009)

-Marked-up copies of the Amendment Regulations relating to electoral registration arrangements

LC Paper No. CB(2)2405/08-09(01)
(issued on 27 August 2009)

-Administration's paper on "Technical Amendments to the Relevant Subsidiary Legislation"

LC Paper No. CB(2)2421/08-09(01)

-Marked-up copies of the relevant Regulations showing the amendments proposed by the Administration

LC Paper No. CB(2)2421/08-09(02)

-Letter dated 31 August 2009 from the Assistant Legal Adviser to the Administration

Submissions received

LC Paper No. CB(2)2405/08-09(02)
(issued on 27 August 2009)
(Chinese version only)

-Letter dated 20 August 2009 from the Committee on Community Support for Rehabilitated Offenders

LC Paper No. CB(2)2412/08-09(01)
(issued on 28 August 2009)
(English version only)

-Submission from the Law Society of Hong Kong

II.Any other business
(12:25 pm - 12:30 pm)

(A list of relevant papers previously issued is available on the LegCo website at

Council Business Division 2
Legislative Council Secretariat
1 September 2009