Bills Committee on Chief Executive Election (Amendment) Bill 2010 and Legislative Council (Amendment) Bill 2010


Members' concerns raised at the meeting and the Administration's response

LC Paper No.PaperMeeting date
CB(2)894/10-11(01) Administration's paper on Commencement dates of the Chief Executive Election (Amendment) Bill 2010 as stipulated in Clause 1 of the Bill 25 January 2011
CB(2)920/10-11(02) Administration's paper on commencement dates of the Legislative Council (Amendment) Bill 2010 as stipulated in Clause 1 of the Bill 27 January 2011
CB(2)936/10-11(02) Administration's paper on composition of District Council (Second) Functional Constituency 29 January 2011
CB(2)830/10-11(02) Administration's paper on electoral arrangements for existing District Council Functional Constituency and New District Council Functional Constituency 18 January 2011
CB(2)987/10-11(01) Administration's paper on Hong Kong permanent citizens who are not of Chinese nationality with right of abode in foreign countries to stand as candidates in specified functional constituencies, candidates entitled to send letters to electors free of postage and composite employment estimates on agriculture, forestry and fishing industry 11 February 2011
CB(2)920/10-11(01) Administration's paper on matters concerning the seats and voters of the Election Committee 27 January 2011
CB(2)936/10-11(03) Administration's paper on matters concerning voter registration 29 January 2011
CB(2)894/10-11(02) Administration's paper on voter registration and the delineation of Legislative Council Geographical Constituencies 25 January 2011
CB(2)830/10-11(01) Administration's paper on voting system for the District Council Subsectors Election under the Election Committee 18 January 2011
CB(2)936/10-11(01) Administration's paper on voting system of the Chief Executive election 29 January 2011
CB(2)762/10-11(01) Administration's response to issues raised by members at the meeting on 4 January 2011 10 January 2011
CB(2)912/10-11(01) Department of Justice's paper on information on new structure of amending provisions 25 January 2011
CB(2)1045/10-11(01) Letter dated 15 February 2011 from the Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs on financial assistance to candidates standing for Legislative Council elections 11 February 2011
CB(2)1068/10-11(01) Letter dated 16 February 2011 from the Administration on drafting issues 11 February 2011
CB(2)1045/10-11(02) Paper provided by the Administration on its proposed adjustment to the electorate of the traditional functional constituencies and on free postage for candidates to send letters to electors 11 February 2011