Bills Committee on Personal Data (Privacy)(Amendment) Bill 2011


Proposed Committee Stage amendments and comments received

LC Paper No.PaperMeeting date
CB(2)1941/11-12(01) Committee stage amendments proposed by Hon Cyd HO Sau-lan (English version only) 7 May 2012
CB(2)2130/11-12(01) Committee Stage amendments to be proposed by the Administration 23 May 2012*
CB(2)1788/11-12(01) Draft Committee Stage amendments (other than new Part VIA) proposed by the Administration 23 April 2012
2 May 2012
7 May 2012
CB(2)1864/11-12(01) Revised draft Committee Stage amendments proposed by the Administration 2 May 2012
7 May 2012
CB(2)2148/11-12(01) Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs's letter dated 24 May 2012 on the proposing a revised version for the Committee Stage amendment to the proposed new section 63D 24 May 2012*

* Issue date