The LegCo Reporter
Issue No. 20 (6 May 2011)

At its meeting of 4 and 5 May 2011, the Legislative Council passed the following two bills:

(1)Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes (Amendment) Bill 2011.

(2)Securities and Futures and Companies Legislation (Structured Products Amendment) Bill 2010, with amendments moved by the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury at Committee stage.

At the same meeting, the Council passed the following two motions not intended to have legislative effect:

(1)Motion on "Enhancing the My Home Purchase Plan", moved by Hon CHEUNG Hok-ming as amended by Hon Frederick FUNG Kin-kee, Hon LEE Wing-tat, Hon WONG Kwok-hing and Hon Paul CHAN Mo-po.

(2)Motion on "Promoting regional economic integration between Guangdong and Hong Kong", moved by Hon Andrew LEUNG Kwan-yuen as amended by Dr Hon Samson TAM Wai-ho, Hon WONG Kwok-hing, Hon Miriam LAU Kin-yee and Hon CHAN Kam-lam.