Agenda for
Public Works Subcommittee Meeting
to be held on Wednesday, 18 April 2012 at 8:30 a.m.
in Conference Room 1 of Legislative Council Complex

Item No.Subject
Head 706 - Highways
1.PWSC(2012-13)161TRShatin to Central Link - construction of railway works - remaining works

2.PWSC(2012-13)262TRShatin to Central Link - construction of non-railway works - remaining works
(In attendance for 61TR and 62TR : Secretary for Transport and Housing / Deputy Secretary (Transport)1, Transport and Housing Bureau / Principal Assistant Secretary (Transport)7, Transport and Housing Bureau / Director of Highways / Principal Government Engineer (Railway Development), Highways Department / Chief Engineer (Railway Development) 1-2, Highways Department / Assistant Commissioner (Planning), Transport Department / Projects Director, MTR Corporation Limited / Operations Director, MTR Corporation Limited / Head of Project Engineering, MTR Corporation Limited / General Manager (SCL), MTR Corporation Limited / Deputy General Manager (Projects and Property Communications), MTR Corporation Limited)

Head 708 - Capital Subventions and Major Systems and Equipment
3.PWSC(2012-13)315ELTseung Kwan O Joint Student Hostel
(In attendance : Under Secretary for Education / Principal Assistant Secretary (Higher Education), Education Bureau / Deputy Secretary-General (1), University Grants Committee / Chief Technical Adviser (Subvented Projects), Architectural Services Department / Vice-President (Administration and Business), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology / Director of Facilities Management, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology / Vice-President (Administration) and Secretary, Hong Kong Baptist University / Director of Estates, Hong Kong Baptist University)

Head 703 - Buildings
4.PWSC(2012-13)4401IOFitting-out works for Government facilities associated with midfield expansion project at Hong Kong International Airport
(In attendance : Deputy Secretary (Transport)4, Transport and Housing Bureau / Principal Assistant Secretary (Transport)8, Transport and Housing Bureau / Director of Architectural Services / Project Director (1), Architectural Services Department / Chief Electronics Engineer (Technical Support), Civil Aviation Department / Chief Superintendent (Planning and Development), Hong Kong Police Force / Deputy District Commander (Airport District), Hong Kong Police Force / Senior Staff Officer (Planning and Development), Customs and Excise Department / Senior Port Health Officer (Acting), Department of Health / Senior Principal Immigration Officer (Airport), Immigration Department)

Head 704 - Drainage
5.PWSC(2012-13)5339DSNorth District sewerage, stage 1 phase 2C and stage 2 phase 1

6.PWSC(2012-13)6353DSOutlying Islands sewerage stage 2 - upgrading of Mui Wo village sewerage phase 2 and Mui Wo sewage treatment works
(In attendance for 339DS and 353DS : Director of Drainage Services/ Assistant Director (Water Policy), Environmental Protection Department / Chief Engineer (Consultants Management), Drainage Services Department)

7.PWSC(2012-13)7379DSFeasibility study on relocation of Sha Tin sewage treatment works to caverns
(In attendance : Director of Drainage Services / Chief Engineer (Sewerage Projects), Drainage Services Department)

Head 705 - Civil Engineering
8.PWSC(2012-13)8750CLStudy on long-term strategy for cavern development
(In attendance : Director of Civil Engineering and Development / Head of Geotechnical Engineering Office, Civil Engineering and Development Department)

Head 707 - New Towns and Urban Area Development
9.PWSC(2012-13)9681CLFormation, roads and drains in Area 54, Tuen Mun - phase 2
(In attendance : Director of Civil Engineering and Development / Chief Engineer (Land Works), Civil Engineering and Development Department / Chief Architect (1), Housing Department)

Head 709 - Waterworks
10.PWSC (2012-13)1099WCWater supply to Northwestern Tuen Mun
(In attendance : Director of Water Supplies / Assistant Director (New Works), Water Supplies Department)


(Public officers in attendance of all items : Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) / Permanent Secretary for Development (Planning and Lands) / Permanent Secretary for the Environment)

~ End ~