Subcommittee on Hong Kong Air Navigation (Fees) (Amendment) Regulation 2011 and Civil Aviation (Aircraft Noise) (Certification) (Amendment) Regulation 2011


Written submissions and the Administration's response

LC Paper No.PaperMeeting date
CB(1)684/11-12(02) Submission from 4th Owners' Committee of Park Island 20 December 2011
CB(1)644/11-12(03) Submission from Airline Operators Committee, Hong Kong International Airport (Chinese version only) 20 December 2011
CB(1)684/11-12(01) Submission from Airport Development Network (Chinese version only) 20 December 2011
CB(1)644/11-12(04) Submission from Board of Airline Representatives Hong Kong (Chinese version only) 20 December 2011