Panel on Transport and Panel on Financial Affairs

Joint Subcommittee on Issues Relating to
Insurance Coverage for the Transport Sector

Meeting on Monday, 7 May 2012, at 10:45 am
in Conference Room 2B of the Legislative Council Complex


I.Meeting with the Administration
(10:45 am - 12:40 pm)

LC Paper No. CB(2)1884/11-12(01)

-List of issues to be studied

LC Paper No. CB(2)1884/11-12(02)

-Paper entitled "The Making of false oaths in legal proceedings of civil claims arising from traffic accidents" provided by the Administration

LC Paper No. CB(2)1799/11-12(03)
(issued on 23 April 2012)

-Paper entitled "Traffic Accident Victims Assistance Scheme" provided by the Administration

LC Paper No. CB(2)379/11-12(01)
(Chinese version - issued on 25 November 2011; English version - issued on 29 November 2011)

-"Follow-up to the meeting on 31 October 2011" prepared by the Hong Kong Police Force

LC Paper No. CB(2)150/11-12(01)
(issued on 25 October 2011)

-Paper entitled "Current Difficulties Encountered by the Taxi and Public Light Bus Trades in Obtaining Insurance Coverage" provided by the Administration

LC Paper No. CB(2)150/11-12(02)
(issued on 25 October 2011)

-Paper entitled "Procurement of Motor Insurance by the Transport Sector" provided by the Administration

Other relevant paper

LC Paper No. CB(2)15/11-12(03)
(issued on 11 October 2011)

-Background brief prepared by the Legislative Council Secretariat

(A list of relevant papers previously issued is available on the LegCo website at

II.Any other business
(12:40 pm - 12:45 pm)

Council Business Division 2
Legislative Council Secretariat
3 May 2012