BulletYear 2009 - 2010
BulletYear 2008 - 2009

Subcommittee on Poverty Alleviation



Year 2009 - 2010

LC Paper No.PaperMeeting date
CB(2)1462/09-10(01) Administration's power-point presentation material on "Hong Kong Housing Society's Integrated Elderly Community Project and Short Term Land Use Project in Tin Shui Wai" (Chinese version only) 4 May 2010

Year 2008 - 2009

LC Paper No.PaperMeeting date
CB(2)1156/08-09(01) Referral on one-year-continuous-residence requirement under the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme from Duty Roster Members (Chinese version only) 24 March 2009*
CB(2)1198/08-09(02) Extract from Minutes of meeting of Panel on Welfare Services held on 10 November 2008 6 April 2009
CB(2)1198/08-09(05) Extract from the Report of Subcommittee on Elderly Services 6 April 2009

* Issue date