Panel on Education

Special meeting on Tuesday, 26 March 2013, from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm
in Conference Room 1 of the Legislative Council Complex

Revised Agenda
(As at 26 March 2013)


Issues related to the provision of free kindergarten education

(9:00 am - 1:30 pm)

LC Paper No. CB(4)486/12-13(01)

-Paper provided by the Administration

LC Paper No. CB(4)486/12-13(02)

-Background brief on issues related to the provision of 15-year free education prepared by the Legislative Council Secretariat

Meeting with deputations/individuals and the Administration

Session 1 (9:00 am - 11:20 am)

1.Annunciation Catholic Kindergarten

2.Ms CHAN Nga-yee

3.Hong Kong, Kowloon & New Territories Kindergarten Education Advancement Association Ltd.

4.Miss CHAN Chi-man

5.Hong Kong Christian Kindergarten Teachers' Association
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(01) (Chinese Version only)

6.Ms CHICK Hoi-yee

7.Ms CHENG Mei-lan

8.Ms YUEN Wai-ning

9.Ms LAM Lai-wah
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(02) (Chinese Version only)

10.Ms LAU To-po
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(03) (Chinese Version only)

11.Ms CHAN Yuet-wah
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(04) (Chinese Version only)

12.Miss Emily LAM Yin-ping
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(05) (Chinese Version only)

13.Miss Jennifer CHEUNG Wing-yi
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(06) (Chinese Version only)

14.Ms SUNG Wai-ting
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(07) (Chinese Version only)

15.Miss CHAN Ka-lai
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(08) (Chinese Version only)

16.SKH Holy Trinity Church Tsang Shiu Tim Kindergarten

17.Mr CHOI Hon-hung
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(09) (Chinese Version only)

18.Mr CHEUNG Chin-to
Acting Lecturer

19.Mr Angus LAM Yuk-kit

20.Ms CHENG Hiu-ping

21.Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(10) (Chinese Version only)

Ms Nancy LAM Chui-ling, MH
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(11) (Chinese Version only)

22.Ms CHAN Siu-ling
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(12) (Chinese Version only)

23.Ms LEE So-ching
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(13) (Chinese Version only)

24.Miss TSE Kam-lin
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(14) (Chinese Version only)

25.Ms WONG Siu-ying
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(15) (Chinese Version only)

26.Miss CHUNG Kam-ling

27.Miss YIP Wai-ka

28.Ms Icy FONG Wa-fung

29.Ms WAN Hiu-lam

30.Ms SHER Kwai-lan

31.Early Childhood Education Administrators Association (Hong Kong)
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(17) (Chinese Version only)

LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(18) (Chinese Version only)

LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(19) (Chinese Version only)

34.Kindergarten Parents' Group
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(20) (Chinese Version only)

35.Ms WU Ying-man

LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(21) (Chinese Version only)

LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(22) (Chinese Version only)

LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(23) (Chinese Version only)

39.PCOHK Tai Wo Nursery School PTA

40.Education Institute Ltd

41.The Hong Kong Institute of Education Past Student's Association of Early Childhood Teacher Education Ltd


Session 2 (11:30 am - 1:30 pm)

42.St Monica's Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten (Wah Kwai)

43.Miss LEUNG Sau-ting
Kindergarten Teacher

44.Miss HO Yee-to
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(24) (Chinese Version only)

45.Yan Oi Tong Limited

LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(25) (Chinese Version only)

47.Dr Rebecca CHEUNG Hun-ping

48.Education Employees General Union
LC Paper No. CB(4)520/12-13(01) (Chinese Version only)

49.Education Convergence
LC Paper No. CB(4)520/12-13(02) (Chinese Version only)
LC Paper No. CB(4)539/12-13(01) (Chinese Version only)

50.Caritas - Hong Kong Pre-school Education & Child Care Service
LC Paper No. CB(4)525/12-13(02) (Chinese Version only)

51.Ms HU Xinyun

52.The Hong Kong Chinese Women's Club Kindergarten Nursery School
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(27) (Chinese Version only)

53.The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong Pre-School Education & Service
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(28) (Chinese Version only)

54.Miss LI Hoi-lam

55.Ms TONG Chung-yee

56.Miss CHUNG Po-yi

57.Ms CHAN Chor-hang

58.Mr CHAN Ting-shing

59.Pentecostal Church of Hong Kong Child Care Service
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(29) (Chinese Version only)

LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(30) (Chinese Version only)

61.Miss CHAN Yin-ching

62.Miss LO Wai-yan


64.New Territories Women & Juveniles Welfare Association Limited

65.Dr Amy CHAK
Assistant Professor

66.The Boys' & Girls' Clubs Association of Hong Kong Cheerland Nursery School cum Kindergarten (Wanchai) Parents & Teachers Association
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(31) (Chinese Version only)

67.ELCHK Amazing Grace Nursery PTA
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(32) (Chinese Version only)

68.The 10th Early Childhood Education Student Association, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
LC Paper No. CB(4)520/12-13(03) (Chinese Version only)

69.Hong Kong Teachers' Association

70.Hong Kong Bethel Church Gideon Kindergarten • Nursery

71.Mr Larry LAI Tak Fai

72.Mr Francis CHAU Yin-ming
Sai Kung District Council Member

73.Ms Christine FONG Kwok-shan
Sai Kung District Council Member

LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(33) (Chinese Version only)

Written submissions from organization / individual not attending the meeting

1.Ms LEE Ka-yan
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(16) (Chinese Version only)

2.Ms FAN Shuk-kwai
Kindergarten Principal
LC Paper No. CB(4)495/12-13(26) (Chinese Version only)

3.Ms CHAN Yin-fong
Kindergarten Principal
LC Paper No. CB(4)520/12-13(04) (Chinese Version only)

4.The Hong Kong Primary Education Research Association
LC Paper No. CB(4)520/12-13(05) (Chinese Version only)


Any other business

Council Business Division 4
Legislative Council Secretariat
26 March 2013