Select Committee to Inquire into Matters Relating to Mr Timothy TONG's Duty Visits, Entertainment, and Bestowing and Receipt of Gifts during his Tenure as Commissioner of the Independent Commission Against Corruption


Witnesses' statements and other documents provided by witnesses

LC Paper No.PaperMeeting date
SC(4)(TI) Paper No.: W1(C) Statement from Mr Timothy TONG Hin-ming, Former Commissioner of ICAC (Chinese version only) 25 January 2014
SC(4)(TI) Paper No.: W2(C) Statement from Mr Simon PEH Yun-lu, Commissioner of ICAC 1 March 2014
SC(4)(TI) Paper No.: W3(C) Opening statement by Mr Simon PEH Yun-lu, Commissioner of ICAC (produced at the hearing on 1 March 2014) (Chinese version only) 1 March 2014