Panel on Education

Special meeting on Saturday, 7 February 2015, at 9:00 am
in Conference Room 3 of the Legislative Council Complex

Revised agenda
(As at 7 February 2015)


Issues related to the regulation, governance and quality assurance of the self-financing post-secondary sector with reference to the Report of the consultancy study on "Local and International Good Practices in the Governance and Quality Assurance of the Self-financing Post-secondary Education Sector"

(9:00 am – 12:45 pm)

LC Paper No. CB(4)116/14-15(03)
(issued on 4 November 2014)

-Paper provided by the Administration

LC Paper No. CB(4)154/14-15(01)
(issued via e-mail on 12 November 2014)

-Report of the consultancy study on "Local and International Good Practices in the Governance and Quality Assurance of the Self-financing Post-secondary Education Sector"

LC Paper No. CB(4)428/14-15(01)
(issued on 29 January 2015)

-Updated background brief entitled "Issues related to the governance and regulation of the self-financing post-secondary education sector" prepared by the LegCo Secretariat

Meeting with deputations / individuals and the Administration

Session 1 (9:00 am – 10:50 am)

1.Hong Kong Institute of Technology

2.The Chinese University of Hong Kong

3.The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
LC Paper No. CB(4)428/14-15(02)

4.Hong Kong Nang Yan College of Higher Education
LC Paper No. CB(4)482/14-15(01) (Chinese version only)

5.City University of Hong Kong
LC Paper No. CB(4)428/14-15(03)

6.Mr CHAN Chun-kit

7.New People's Party

8.Yew Chung Community College
LC Paper No. CB(4)428/14-15(04) (English version only)

9.Tung Wah College
LC Paper No. CB(4)462/14-15(01) (English version only)

10.Hong Kong College of Technology

11.Hong Kong Baptist University
LC Paper No. CB(4)428/14-15(05) (English version only)

12.SCAD Hong Kong
LC Paper No. CB(4)428/14-15(06) (English version only)


14.HKCT Institute of Higher Education

15.The University of Hong Kong / HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Community College
LC Paper No. CB(4)467/14-15(01) (English version only)

16.Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications

17.Hong Kong Professional Teacher's Union
LC Paper No. CB(4)462/14-15(02) (Chinese version only)

18.The Open University of Hong Kong
LC Paper No. CB(4)483/14-15(01) (Chinese version only)

19.The Student Union of Hong Kong Shue Yan University

20.The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
LC Paper No. CB(4)428/14-15(07) (English version only)

21.Hong Kong Shue Yan University
LC Paper No. CB(4)428/14-15(08)

22.Civic Party
LC Paper No. CB(4)482/14-15(02) (Chinese version only)

23.Shue Yan Umbrella Alumni Association

24.Hang Seng Management College
LC Paper No. CB(4)428/14-15(09) (English version only)

25.Mr LIU Sze-ming


Session 2 (11:00 am - 12:45 pm)

LC Paper No. CB(4)428/14-15(10) (Chinese version only)

27.Mr Timothy LEE Ho-yin
LC Paper No. CB(4)483/14-15(02) (Chinese version only)

28.Labour Party

29.The Lion Rock Institute

30.Miss WONG Kuk-yin

31.Miss TJHAN Pauline Jessica Hillary

32.Miss TANG Ka-yi

33.Miss YUEN Ka-wai

34.Hang Seng Management College Students' Union

35.The Open University of Hong Kong Students' Union

36.Hong Kong Shue Yan University Student Union Council

37.Student Union of Chu Hai College of Higher Education

38.Tung Wah College Students' Union

39.Mr CHAN Hiu-yeung

40.Mr LAI Man-lok



43.HKCT Action

44.Miss HUI Wun-wun

45.18 Districts Poor Associate Degree Student Union of HK


47.Social Work Society of HKCT

48.Social Science Society of CIHE

49.Mr FUNG Ka-lok

50.The Students' Union of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

51.Hong Kong Federation of Students
LC Paper No. CB(4)483/14-15(03) (Chinese version only)

52.Democratic Party
LC Paper No. CB(4)462/14-15(03) (Chinese version only)

Written submissions from deputations not attending the meeting

1.Lingnan University
LC Paper No. CB(4)428/14-15(11) (English version only)

2.Centennial College
LC Paper No. CB(4)428/14-15(12) (English version only)

3.The Hong Kong Institute of Education
LC Paper No. CB(4)428/14-15(13) (English version only)

LC Paper No. CB(4)428/14-15(14) (Chinese version only)

5.Mr YEUNG Wai-sing
Eastern District Council Member
LC Paper No. CB(4)482/14-15(03) (Chinese version only)


Any other business

Council Business Division 4
Legislative Council Secretariat
7 February 2015