Panel on Transport

Special meeting on
Tuesday, 5 May 2015, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
in Conference Room 1 of the Legislative Council Complex

Revised agenda
(as at 4 May 2015)


Public Transport Strategy Study – Minibus services

(9:00 am – 12:55 pm)

LC Paper No. CB(1)238/14-15(06)
(Chinese version issued on 20 November 2014; English version issued on 21 November 2014)

-Administration's paper on Public Transport Strategy Study – Workplan

LC Paper No. CB(1)238/14-15(07)
(issued on 21 November 2014)

-Paper on public transport strategy in Hong Kong prepared by the Legislative Council Secretariat (background brief)

Session 1 (9:00 am – 11:00 am)

Meeting with deputations/individuals and the Administration

1.Mr Martin OEI
[LC Paper No. CB(4)866/14-15(07)(Chinese version only)(attached)]

2.Neighbourhood and Workers Services Centre

3.Mr Jacky LIM
[LC Paper No. CB(4)866/14-15(08)(Chinese version only)(attached)]

4.Civic Party

5.Our Bus Terminal
[LC Paper No. CB(4)866/14-15(09)(Chinese version only)(attached)]

6.Mr Michael YUNG, Shatin District Councillor
[LC Paper No. CB(4)866/14-15(10)(Chinese version only)(attached)]

7.Hong Kong Evergreen Association

8.West Kowloon Harmony Association

9.North Kwai Chung Transport Concern Group

10."Sze Kei Yau Lok" Mutual Aid Committee

11.CFM Management Company Limited

12.Hop Fat Light Bus Company Limited

13.Traffic and Transport Committee, North District Council

14.Chit Fai Motors Company Limited

15.Holy Gain Limited

16.Centrellink Transportation Limited

17.Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong

18.The Democratic Party

19.Mr LEE Wai-fung

20.Mr LEUNG Wing-kuen

21.Tsing Yi Synergy

22.Mr NG Kam-hung, Shatin District Councillor

23.The Kowloon PLB Chiu Chow Traders & Workers Friendly Association

24.Choi Kee (Mong Kok) Maxicab Route PLB Limited

25.Choi Kee (Yuen Long) Maxicab Route PLB Limited

26.Pokfulam Maxicab Company Limited

27.Sun Cheong Transportation HK Company Limited

28.Mr Joe LAI Wing-ho, Chairman, Wong Tai Sin District Council, Traffic and Transport Committee

29.Choi Wan Development Network

30.Lei Yue Mun Ko Chiu Road Public Light Bus Merchants Association Ltd.

31.Mr CHUNG Chi-wai

32.Public Light Bus General Association
[LC Paper No. CB(4)866/14-15(01)(Chinese version only)(issued on 29 April 2015)]

33.Mr HUNG Kam-in, Chairman, Traffic and Transport Committee, Kwun Tong District Council

34.Mr TANG Wing-cheong, Shatin District Councillor

35.Cheung Wong Maxicab Routes Company Limited

Break (11:00 am - 11:05 am)

Session 2 (11:05 am – 12:55 pm)

36.Motor Transport Workers General Union (Public Light Bus Branch)

37.Heade Hpand Limited

38.Sai Kung P.L.B. (Maxicab) (No.1 & 2) Company Limited

39.T.K.O. Transport Concern Group

40.G.M.B. Maxicab Operators General Association Limited

41.Tuen Mun Public Light Bus Association

42.Hong Kong Public Light Bus Owner & Driver Association

43.Hong Kong Public & Maxicab Light Bus United Associations

44.Ms WONG Ching-chi

45.Raytop International Limited

46.Mr MUI Kwok-wai

47.Lam Tin Wai Hoi Public Light Bus Association

48.Hon Wah Public Light Bus Association Limited

49.Shine Wah Services Ltd

50.Luen Wo Hui Residential Association

51.Estate Owners' Committee of Laguna Verde

52.Mr LAW Kwong-keung, Shatin District Councillor

53.Neo Democrats
[LC Paper No. CB(4)866/14-15(02)(Chinese version only)(issued on 29 April 2015)]

54.Mr Paul ZIMMERMAN, Southern District Councillor
[LC Paper No. CB(4)866/14-15(03)(English version only)(issued on 29 April 2015)]

55.Ms CHEUNG Sik-yung, Southern District Councillor

56.Ms LI Shee-lin

57.Motor Transport Workers General Union

58.Mr LAM Chun-yuen

59.Mr Andew WAN Siu-kin, Kwai Tsing District Councillor

60.Mr TANG Ho-nam
[LC Paper No. CB(4)867/14-15(04)(Chinese version only)(issued on 29 April 2015)]

61.Kellis Limited

62.Hong Kong Association for Democracy and People's Livelihood
[LC Paper No. CB(4)866/14-15(04)(Chinese version only)(issued on 29 April 2015)]


64.Mr HAU Kam-lam

65.Labour Party

66.The Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation Centre on Research and Advocacy

67.Hong Kong Scheduled (GMB) Licensee Association
[LC Paper No. CB(4)866/14-15(05)(Chinese version only)(issued on 29 April 2015)]

68.Fair Fare Group

69.Smart Public Transport Group

70.Hong Kong Public Transport Concern Group

71.Mr LAU Ki-fung

72.Mr LAW Sai-yan, Northern District Councillor

73.Mr TSE Chi-kit

74.Public Transport Think Tank of Hong Kong
[LC Paper No. CB(4)866/14-15(06)(Chinese version only)(issued on 29 April 2015)]

75.Hong Kong, Kowloon & N.T. Public & Maxicab Light Bus Merchants' United Association

76.Brilliant Way Public Light Bus (Scheduled) Service Company Limited

77.AMS Public Transport Holdings Limited

Submissions from the following organizations/individuals not attending the meeting

LC Paper No. CB(4)867/14-15(01)
(issued on 29 April 2015)

-Submission from Tai Wo Motors Limited (Chinese version only) (Restricted to members only)
LC Paper No. CB(4)867/14-15(02)
(issued on 29 April 2015)

-Submission from Rich Success Transportation Ltd. (Chinese version only)
LC Paper No. CB(4)867/14-15(03)
(issued on 29 April 2015)

-Submission from 將軍澳友社區FACEBOOK專頁 (Chinese version only)
LC Paper No. CB(4)867/14-15(05)
(issued on 29 April 2015)

-Joint submission from 紅色及綠色專線小巴業界商會(Chinese version only)
LC Paper No. CB(4)867/14-15(06)
(issued on 30 April 2015)

-Submission from Professional Power (Chinese version only)
LC Paper No. CB(4)867/14-15(07)

-Submission from Community for Road Safety (English version only)


Any other business

(12:55 pm - 1:00 pm)

Council Business Division 4
Legislative Council Secretariat
4 May 2015