House Committee of the Legislative Council
13th meeting on Friday, 20 January 2017, at 2:30 pm
in Conference Room 1 of the Legislative Council Complex



Confirmation of minutes of meeting

Minutes of 12th meeting held on 13 January 2017
(LC Paper No. CB(2)629/16-17)


Matters arising

Report by the Chairman on her meeting with the Chief Secretary for Administration


Business arising from previous Council meetings

Legal Service Division report on subsidiary legislation gazetted on 13 January 2017 and tabled in Council on 18 January 2017
(LC Paper No. LS24/16-17)


Reports of Bills Committees and subcommittees

(a)Report of the Subcommittee on Port Control (Cargo Working Areas) (Amendment) Regulation 2016
(LC Paper No. CB(4)436/16-17)

(b)Report of the Subcommittee on Construction Workers Registration (Exemption) Regulation and Construction Workers Registration Ordinance (Amendment of Schedules 1 and 1A) Notice 2016
(LC Paper No. CB(1)428/16-17)

(c)Report of the Subcommittee on Merchant Shipping (Local Vessels) (General) (Amendment) Regulation 2016 and Merchant Shipping (Local Vessels) (Safety and Survey) (Amendment) Regulation 2016
(LC Paper No. CB(4)446/16-17)

(d)Report of the Subcommittee to Prepare for the Operation of the Select Committee on the Petition Presented at the Council Meeting of 2 November 2016
(LC Paper No. CB(2)632/16-17)


Position on Bills Committees and subcommittees

(LC Paper No. CB(2)630/16-17)


Paper of the Committee on Rules of Procedure

Formalizing the interim arrangements relating to the ringing of the division bell at Council meetings and voting bell at committee meetings
(LC Paper No. CROP23/16-17)


Election of Members for appointment to the Investigation Committee established under Rule 49B(2A) of the Rules of Procedure in respect of the motion to censure Dr Hon CHENG Chung-tai

(LC Paper No. CB(3)284/16-17)


Senior judicial appointments

(Director of Administration's letter dated 17 January 2017)


Any other business

Council Business Division 2
Legislative Council Secretariat
18 January 2017