Subcommittee on Children's Rights


Administration's papers

LC Paper No.PaperMeeting date
CB(4)344/16-17(01) Support measures for children from drug abusing families 22 December 2016
CB(4)419/16-17(01) Follow up on issues relating to children without medical needs overstaying in hospitals and their conditions of being restrained 17 January 2017
CB(4)419/16-17(02) Review on Multi-disciplinary Case Conference and welfare plans for children 17 January 2017
CB(4)577/16-17(01) Residential Child Care Services 21 Febuary 2017
CB(4)850/16-17(01) Proposal for establishing a commission on children 20 April 2017
CB(4)1046/16-17(02) Correctional Home Services 23 May 2017
CB(4)1046/16-17(01) Rehabilitative Programmes for Young Offenders in Correctional Institutions 23 May 2017
CB(4)1242/16-17(01) Support for Children with Hearing Impairment 20 June 2017
CB(4)1432/16-17(01) Non-refoulement claimants who are minors in Hong Kong 24 July 2017
CB(4)134/17-18(02) Human Rights of Children under Poverty 4 November 2017
CB(4)134/17-18(01) Welfare Support for Grassroots Families with Children 4 November 2017
CB(4)248/17-18(01) Rights of Children Amid Examination and Schoolwork Stress 25 November 2017
CB(4)379/17-18(01) Day Child Care Services 13 January 2018
CB(4)379/17-18(02) Operation of the Joint Office for Kindergartens and Child Care Centres 13 January 2018
CB(4)504/17-18(01) Rights of Children affected by Domestic Violence 23 January 2018
CB(4)633/17-18(01) Establishment of a Commission on Children 8 March 2018
CB(4)750/17-18(01) Healthcare Services and Support for Ailing Children 20 March 2018
CB(4)830/17-18(01) Follow-up Measures on Students' Non-attendance Cases 4 April 2018
CB(4)830/17-18(02) Opinions Concerning a Central Database for Children 4 April 2018