Finance Committee
Meeting on 19 October 2018

Motion moved by a member under paragraph 39 of the Finance Committee Procedure that discussion on
FCR(2018-19)54 – PWSC(2018-19)31 be now adjourned

Member Voting result
Hon AU Nok-hin Negatived

Agenda item FCR(2018-19)54 – PWSC(2018-19)31
"That this Committee should proceed with the motion proposed
to be moved by a member under paragraph 37A of
the Finance Committee Procedure"

Member Serial nos. of the motions Voting result
Hon Claudia MO 0001 Negatived
Hon CHU Hoi-dick 0002 Negatived
Hon AU Nok-hin 0003 Negatived
Hon Gary FAN Kwok-wai 0004 Negatived

Motion moved by a member under para 47 of the FC Procedure that in the event of further divisions being claimed in respect of any motions or questions under the same agenda item, the Committee do proceed to each of such divisions immediately after the division bell has been rung for one minute

Member Voting result
Hon CHAN Hak-kan Approved