House Committee of the Legislative Council
17th meeting on Friday, 22 March 2019, at 2:30 pm
in Conference Room 1 of the Legislative Council Complex



Confirmation of minutes of meeting

Minutes of 16th meeting held on 15 March 2019
(LC Paper No. CB(2)1020/18-19)


Matters arising

Report by the Chairman on her meeting with the Chief Secretary for Administration


Business arising from previous Council meetings

(a)Legal Service Division reports on bills referred to the House Committee in accordance with Rule 54(4)

(i)Judicial Officers (Extension of Retirement Age) (Amendment) Bill 2019
(LC Paper No. LS56/18-19)

(ii)Inland Revenue (Amendment) (Tax Concessions) Bill 2019
(LC Paper No. LS58/18-19)

(iii)Electoral Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2019
(LC Paper No. LS57/18-19)

(b)Legal Service Division report on subsidiary legislation gazetted on 15 March 2019 and tabled in Council on 20 March 2019
(LC Paper No. LS59/18-19)


Further business for the Council meeting of 27 March 2019

(a)Tabling of papers

Report No. 14/18-19 of the House Committee on Consideration of Subsidiary Legislation and Other Instruments
(LC Paper No. CB(2)1022/18-19 issued vide LC Paper No. CB(3)478/18-19 dated 20 March 2019)

(LC Paper No. CB(3)476/18-19)


The Chief Executive's Question Time on 3 April 2019


Business for the Council meeting of 3 April 2019

(LC Paper No. CB(3)477/18-19)

(b)Bill - First Reading and moving of Second Reading

No notice has been received yet.

(c)Government motions

Three proposed resolutions to be moved by the Secretary for Labour and Welfare under the following Ordinances respectively:

(i)Employees' Compensation Ordinance (Cap. 282);

(ii)Pneumoconiosis and Mesothelioma (Compensation) Ordinance (Cap. 360); and

(iii)Occupational Deafness (Compensation) Ordinance (Cap. 469)

(Wording of the proposed resolutions issued vide LC Paper No. CB(3)484/18-19 dated 20 March 2019)

(d)Members' motions

(i)Motion on "Not forgetting the 4 June incident" to be moved by Hon WU Chi-wai
(Wording of the motion issued vide LC Paper No. CB(3)482/18-19 dated 20 March 2019)

(ii)Motion on "Requesting the Government to overcome the 'three big mountains' in people's livelihood" to be moved by Hon Alice MAK
(Wording of the motion issued vide LC Paper No. CB(3)488/18-19 dated 22 March 2019)


Reports of Bills Committees and subcommittees

Report of the Bills Committee on Professional Accountants (Amendment) Bill 2018
(LC Paper No. CB(1)733/18-19)


Position on Bills Committees and subcommittees

(LC Paper No. CB(2)1021/18-19)


Proposal of the Panel on Constitutional Affairs to nominate a Member to attend the Westminster Workshop on Gender Sensitive Scrutiny organized by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, United Kingdom

(LC Paper No. CB(2)1035/18-19)


Any other business

Council Business Division 2
Legislative Council Secretariat
22 March 2019