House Committee of the Legislative Council
28th meeting on Friday, 11 October 2019, at 2:30 pm
in Conference Room 1 of the Legislative Council Complex



Matters arising

Report by the Chairman on her meeting with the Chief Secretary for Administration


Legal Service Division report on subsidiary legislation gazetted between 28 June 2019 and 4 October 2019

(a)L.N. 84 to 90 gazetted on 28 June 2019
(LC Paper No. LS80/18-19)

(b)L.N. 91 to 93 gazetted on 5 July 2019
(LC Paper No. LS82/18-19)

(c)L.N. 94 and 95 gazetted on 12 July 2019
(LC Paper No. LS83/18-19)

(d)L.N. 96 and 97 gazetted on 26 July 2019
(LC Paper No. LS84/18-19)

(e)L.N. 98 gazetted on 23 August 2019
(LC Paper No. LS86/18-19)

(f)L.N. 99 to 116 on 27 September 2019
(LC Paper No. LS92/18-19)

(g)L.N. 117 to 119 gazetted on 4 October 2019
(LC Paper No. LS93/18-19)


Business for the Council meeting of 16 October 2019

The Chief Executive's Policy Address


The Chief Executive's Question and Answer Session on 17 October 2019


Business for the Council meeting of 23 October 2019

(LC Paper No. CB(3)12/19-20)

(b)Bills - First Reading and moving of Second Reading

(i)Rating (Amendment) Bill 2019

(ii)Freight Containers (Safety) (Amendment) Bill 2019

(c)Government motion

(d)Members' motions


Reports of Bills Committees and subcommittees

(a)Second report of the Bills Committee on Inland Revenue (Amendment) (Tax Concessions) Bill 2019
(LC Paper No. CB(1)1364/18-19)
(Letter dated 8 October 2019 from the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury (LC Paper No. CB(2)1961/18-19(01))

(b)Proposed extension of period of work of subcommittees on policy issues and the timeline for activation of subcommittees on the waiting list
(LC Paper No. CB(2)1960/18-19)


Position on Bills Committees and subcommittees

(LC Paper No. CB(2)1959/18-19)


Withdrawal of the Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2019 at the first Council meeting of the 2019-2020 session in accordance with Rule 64(2) of the Rules of Procedure

(Letter dated 4 October 2019 from the Secretary for Security (LC Paper No. CB(2)1957/18-19(01) - English version issued vide LC Paper No. CB(2)1957/18-19 dated 4 October 2019 and Chinese version issued vide LC Paper No. CB(2)1962/18-19 dated 9 October 2019))


Election of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Houseā€ Committee for the 2019-2020 session


Any other business

Signification of membership of Panels

Council Business Division 2
Legislative Council Secretariat
9 October 2019