Panel on Financial Affairs (Agenda) 4 July 2022

Panel on Financial Affairs
Meeting on Monday, 4 July 2022, at 10:45 am
in Conference Room 1 of the Legislative Council Complex

Information papers issued since the meeting on 6 June 2022
LC Paper No. CB(1)384/2022(01)-Administration’s response to the letter dated 6 May 2022 from Dr Hon Stephen WONG Yuen-shan on issues relating to the development of Central Moneymarkets Unit
LC Paper No. CB(1)416/2022(01)-Hong Kong Monetary Authority Annual Report 2021
LC Paper No. CB(1)422/2022(01)-Administration’s paper on the latest development and way forward of Hong Kong’s listing platform

Regulation of Qualifying Deferred Annuity Policies
(10:45 am - 11:25 am)
LC Paper No. CB(1)411/2022(01)-Administration’s paper on Regulation of Qualifying Deferred Annuity Policies

(11:25 am - 12:10 pm)
LC Paper No. CB(1)411/2022(02)-Administration’s paper on Refinements to Hong Kong’s Foreign Source Income Exemption Regime for Passive Income

Any other business
(12:10 pm - 12:15 pm)
*All other Hon Legislative Council Members are invited to join the discussion of Agenda Item III which involves legislative proposal.

Council Business Division 1 and PCO
Legislative Council Secretariat
28 June 2022