List of documents previously circulated


Concerns raised by members on the Bill

CB(1) 10/96-97(01)
(English and Chinese)


Administration’s response on major issues:
educational qualifications
timing for submitting accounts
- written directions
staffing and operating cost of EAA regulatory systems in other countries

CB(1) 1511/95-96 (English)
CB(1) 1622/95-96 (Chinese)


Administration’s response on Clause 2 to 40

CB(1) 1900/95-96 (English)
CB(1) 1958/95-96 (Chinese)


Administration’s response on Clause 42 to 49

CB(1) 1961/95-96 (English)
CB(1) 1975/95-96 (Chinese)


Administration’s response on Clause 50 and onwards

CB(1) 10/96-97(02)
(English and Chinese)


Table outlining the sources, costs and estimated time required for obtaining information under sub-clause 37(2)

CB(1) 10/96-97(04)
(English and Chinese)


Summary of submissions by parties

CB(1) 10/96-97(05)
(English and Chinese)


Summary of submissions by clauses

CB(1) 10/96-97(06)
(English and Chinese)


Report of the Working Group on Regulation of Estate Agents

HB 344/95-96
issued on 15 December 1995


Report on an Analysis of Accessibility of Information required under Section 37(2)

HB 568/95-96 (English)
issued on 30 January 1996

HB 647/95-96 (Chinese)
issued on 8 February 1996


Extract of minutes of previous meetings on "Subsidiary companies of developers selling properties of developers"

CB(1) 336/96-97


Cross-reference table on the offence and penalty provisions under Clause 56

CB(1) 1848/95-96


Concerns raised by members at the meeting on 4 October 1996

CB(1) 183/96-97(01)


Administration’s response to (m)

CB(1) 295/96-97 (English)
CB(1) 312/96-97 (Chinese)


Gist of members’ views expressed at the meeting on 30 October 1996

CB(1) 256/96-97


Administration’s response to (o)

CB(1) 327/96-97(01)

Legislative Council Secretariat
22 November 1996

Last Updated on 23 Apr, 1997