Bills Committee on Estate Agents Bill
Concerns raised by members at the meeting on 13 November 1996

1. On the disclosure of information by the Estate Agents Authority to the Crown Prosecutor in relation to Clauses 29, 39(3) and 55, to note the Chairman’s reservations on the description being too broad and to consider re-defining the relevant provisions.

2. To confirm in writing the schedule for property data in the Buildings Department to be fully computerized; and the time and costs required, currently and upon computerization, for obtaining Occupation Permits, floor/building plans and other related information from the Building Department (as requested in para. 3 (a) and (b) of gist of members’ views at meeting on 30 October 1996).

3. To advise the means through which property data such as floor/building plans, removal of structural walls, illegal extensions, amended plans, etc., could be obtained.

4. In relation to Clause 37, to address the concern on dual representation and consider if a safeguard could be specified in the process. Otherwise, removal of the requirement for estate agents to conduct transactions in a "fair, open and honest" manner will not be desirable.

5. To provide a full list of criminal and disciplinary sanctions in relation to all elements under Clauses 37 and 56.

6. To advise the percentage of properties in Hong Kong for which no Occupation Permits have been issued.

Legislative Counsil Secretariat
15 November 1996

Last Updated on 17 Apr, 1997