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on 5 June 1996


Subhead 001 Salaries

Members are invited to recommend to Finance Committee -

(a) the creation of one permanent post of Principal Education Officer (D1) ($80,450 - $85,400) in the Allocation and Support Division of Education Department; and

(b) the deletion of one permanent post of Principal Education Officer (D1) ($80,450 - $85,400) in the Schools Division of Education Department.


The Allocation and Support (A&S) Division of Education Department (ED) needs an additional directorate officer to cope with the increasing complexity and volume of its work.


2. The Director of Education proposes to create one post of Principal Education Officer (PEO) (D1) in the A&S Division offset by the deletion of one PEO post in the Schools Division of ED.


Creation of a PEO in the A&S Division

3. The A&S Division of ED is headed by an Assistant Director (AD(AS)) and staffed by 77 professional officers and 85 General and Common Grades staff. Principal Education Officer (PEO) post on its establishment. The DivisionIt is responsible for administering the school places allocation systems, planning and monitoring school building and improvement programmes, regulating the conduct of non-local higher and professional courses in Hong Kong, providing other support services such as registration of teachers, schools and school managers, and conducting the Non-graduate Teacher Qualifications Assessment Scheme. The workload of the Division has increased substantially in recent years. For instance, the number of new schools built each year has increased from seven in 1994-95 to 21 in 1996-97 to meet new demands in various districts arising from the movement of population and to eliminate floating classes in secondary schools. In addition, the following developments in recent years have also contributed to the increased workload of the Division -

(a) Review of the School Places Allocation Systems

With the implementation of the Information Systems Strategy in ED, the A&S Division will upgrade and modernise the computing system for allocating school places. It will revamp its various allocation systems (i.e., primary one admission, secondary school places allocation, junior secondary education assessment and secondary six admission) in the coming years. The implementation of the new systems, apart from upgrading and modernizing the current ones, has changed the original mode of operation from isolated systems to an integrated network of systems which are connected to systems in other divisions and schools under the Information Systems Strategy, e.g. the School Information Management System, the School Administration and Management System. It is necessary to have a PEO in the A&S Division to undertake the role of policy co-ordination in streamlining and reviewing the revamped systems.

(b) Immigrant Children

As a result of the increasing number of children emigrating from mainland China in recent years, the A&S Division needs to adjust carefully the school building plans to ensure provision of sufficient school places in appropriate geographical regions. The provision of school places for the immigrant children is different from and much more complicated than that of local children. The immigrant children's demand for school places is difficult to assess due to difficulties in ascertaining their number, age profile and the geographical spread of their residence and above all, these data may fluctuate enormously between years. The A&S Division needs to closely monitor the demand for school places by this group of students, carefully assess and plan the provision at appropriate grades in various districts so as to ensure that there is no mismatch of demand and supply.

(c) Implementation of the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Legislation

We have introduced the Non-local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Bill into the Legislative Council on 8 November 1995. The Bill aims to provide consumer protection by requiring the registration of courses run by overseas tertiary institutions in Hong Kong to help the monitoring of their operations and academic standards. The Bill proposes to appoint the Director of Education as the Registrar. The A&S Division will take up this new responsibility.

(d) School Improvement Programme

The A&S Division is coordinating a School Improvement Programme to provide additional classrooms/ special rooms and facilities to existing schools to bring them to the latest standard.

4. To meet the above new challenges and to relieve the AD(AS) of his heavy work schedule, the A&S Division requires a PEO to assist the AD(AS) in the overall planning and co-ordination work. This will enable the AD(AS) to concentrate more on major policy issues, thereby enhancing the Division's efficiency and effectiveness. The job description of the PEO(AS) post is at Enclosure 1. In view of the very pressing need for a PEO to support the A&S Division, the Director of Education (D of E) has since January 1995 redeployed the post of PEO (School Administration) of the Schools Division to the A&S Division on a trial basis. D of E has also reorganized the A&S Division in January 1995 and subsequently created three more sections in the Division to allow each section to focus more specifically on its designated activities. The organization charts of the A&S Division before and after reorganization are at Enclosures 2 and 3.

Deletion of a PEO in the Schools Division

5. The Schools Division was previously responsible for formulating school administration policies, running 19 District Education Offices and 84 government primary and secondary schools, overseeing the operation of 1 088 aided and private schools, and administering various supporting services including school management initiative, registration of schools and teachers, Council on Professional Conduct, private schools review and home school co-operation, etc. The Division was supported by four PEOs, with total staff of 4 727. Three regional PEOs were responsible for the administration of district education offices and public sector schools within their respective regions, whereas the fourth PEO, PEO (School Administration), took on the responsibility of co-ordinating and overseeing the provision of supporting services essential for the effective management and operation of schools in Hong Kong. The job descriptions of the four PEO posts are at Enclosure 4.

6. In order to enable the Schools Division to maintain an effective service after deploying a PEO to the A&S Division, the following functions of the Schools Division were concurrently transferred to other Divisions of the Department -


Transferred to

Registration of schools and teachers

A & S Division

Private schools review

Planning and Research Division

Council on Professional Conduct

Services Division

Home school co-operation

Services Division

7. In addition to the above transfer of functions, the Schools Division had also distributed the residual duties of the PEO (School Administration) post and subsequent new functions assumed by the Division such as promotion of teachers' image and implementation of the kindergarten subsidy scheme to the three regional PEOs. The revised job description of the regional PEOs is at Enclosure 5.

8. The D of E has recently reviewed the above-mentioned re-deployment of the PEO post and considers the current arrangement appropriate if the number of directorate posts is not to increase. She now recommends that the temporary re-deployment of the PEO post be made permanent. Organization charts of the Schools Division before and after the reorganization in January 1995 are at Enclosures 6 and 7.


9. This proposal itself will have no additional financial implications as the provision for the creation of the PEO post for the A&S Division will be offset by the deletion of the post at the same rank in the Schools Division. The financial implications are as follows -

Notional Annual
Salary Cost at

Full Annual
Average Staff

No. of













10. A Personal Secretary II post has been deployed temporarily from the Schools Divisions to the A&S Division to provide necessary secretarial support to PEO(AS).


11. Since January 1995, ED has put on trial a re-allocation of certain functions among the divisions including the above-mentioned temporary re-deployment of the PEO post. An organization chart showing the Department's position as at January 1995 is at Enclosure 8. A further review on the directorate structure of the Department was made in November 1995. The line of command of the senior directorate was re-adjusted with a view to further improving organizational efficiency. With effect from November 1995 -

(a) AD (Planning & Research) reports directly to the Deputy Director of Education (DDE) instead of Senior Assistant Director of Education 1 (SAD 1) in view of the broad departmental implications of the various projects being undertaken by the Division, e.g. development of education indicators, review on compulsory education and review on subsidy to kindergarten education, etc.;

(b) AD (Information Systems) reports to SAD 2 instead of DDE as the information systems strategy projects are now well underway and the remaining functions, mainly on system development, project implementation and staff training, could be subsumed under an SAD; and

(c) AD(Schools) reports to SAD 1 instead of SAD 2.

The existing organization chart of the Department is at Enclosure 9.


12. Civil Service Branch supports the re-adjustment of the line of command in the senior directorate of Education Department. It supports the creation of a Principal Education Officer post in the Allocation and Support Division, offset by the deletion of a similar post in the Schools Division. The ranking and grading of the proposed post are appropriate.


13. The Standing Committee on Directorate Salaries and Conditions of Service has advised that the grading proposed for the permanent post would be appropriate if the post were to be created.

Education and Manpower Branch
May 1996

Enclosure 1 to EC(96-97)21

Job Description of Principal Education Officer -- Allocation and Support Division

(a) To review and reorganize the mode of operation, complement and structure of the various school places allocation systems, i.e. Primary One Admission, Junior Secondary Education Assessment, Secondary School Places Allocation and Secondary Six Admission to streamline the operation procedure and to match with the new technology being developed in achieving savings.

(b) To contribute to the formulation of policy in regard of school places allocation, registration of teachers and schools, enforcement of the Non-Local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Ordinance, school building programme and school improvement programme.

(c) To monitor the implementation of school building programme and school improvement programme to ensure that sufficient school places are provided and the teaching and learning environment in schools are improved according to schedule.

(d) To identify areas of improvement and map out staff development plan for the Division in meeting the needs of the ever changing society and the latest development in the Department as a result of the implementation of new technology and policies.

(e) To supervise the operation of various sections in the Division to ensure the effectiveness in discharging their functions and meeting the performance standard pledged for the public.

(f) To liaise with policy branches and other departments in co-ordinating activities pertaining to the operation of the Division.

(g) To act as Assistant Divisional Finance Officer in the control and monitoring of funds allocated to the Division and preparation of annual estimates.

Enclosure 4(a) to EC(96-97)21

Job Description of Regional Principal Education Officer Schools Division (prior to January 1995)

(a) Controlling, on behalf of the Assistant Director (Schools), the administration of schools and the implementation of approved policies in his region.

(b) Supervising the enforcement of the Education Ordinance and Regulations and the administration of the codes of aid for primary and secondary schools and the bought place schemes in private non-profit-making and private independent schools.

(c) Supervising the operation of Government primary and secondary schools in his region.

(d) Maintaining close liaison between the Department, schools in his region, other Government departments and the general public.

(e) Supervising, co-ordinating and directing the work of District Education Offices within his region:

- Four District Education Offices in the Hong Kong Region

- Six District Education Offices in the Kowloon Region

- Nine District Education Offices in the New Territories

(f) To chair or participate in working groups, committees and meetings related to the work of the Division as directed by AD (Schools).

Enclosure 4(b) to EC(96-97)21

Job Description of Principal Education Officer -- (School Administration)

(a) To assist the Assistant Director (Schools) in the planning and formulation of education policies related to schools administration and the implementation of such policies in Government schools.

(b) To supervise the operation of the Servicing Unit in controlling the administration of Government schools and the management of staff and resources provided.

(c) To supervise the operation and services of the Registration Section.

(d) To co-ordinate and direct the work of the Headquarters, Private Schools Review, Home School Co-operation Units, Council on Professional Conduct and School Management Initiative Sections.

(e) To maintain close liaison with other divisions and sections, Government Secretariat and other Government departments and the general public in respect of issues pertaining to educational administration and registration of schools, managers and teachers.

(f) To chair or participate in working groups, committees, and meetings related to the work of the Division and the Department and to serve as the Director's representative on inter-departmental or other committees and working parties as required.

Enclosure 5 to EC(96-97)21

Job Description of Regional Principal Education Officer Schools Division (from January 1995)

(a) To supervise the administration of the Code of Aid for Primary Schools and the Code of Aid for Secondary Schools in his respective region.

(b) To supervise the operation of Government primary and secondary schools in his respective region.

(c) To supervise regional staff in the District Education Offices in his respective region in the enforcement of the Education Ordinance and Education Regulations:

- Four District Education Offices in the Hong Kong Region

- Six District Education Offices in the Kowloon Region

- Nine District Education Offices in the New Territories

(a) To supervise the implementation of approved education policies relating to school administration.

(b) To assist in the formulation and implementation of education policies.

(c) To chair or participate in departmental or divisional meetings relating to school administration.

(d) To be responsible for other matters as follows :

Principal Education Officer (Hong Kong)

(i) Annual estimates and resources allocation for Schools Division.

(ii) Annual estimates for aided schools.

(iii) Policy on secondary education.

(iv) Policy on pre-vocational schools.

(v) Teachers' image promotion.

Principal Education Officer (Kowloon)

(vi) Policy on kindergarten education.

(vii) English Schools Foundation.

(viii) International schools.

(ix) Resources allocation and staff postings among government schools.

(x) Placement of redundant teachers.

Principal Education Officer (New Territories)

(xi) Policy on primary education.

(xii) School Management Initiative.


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