For discussion FCR(95-96)64
on 27 October 1995



Members are invited to approve the supply of serviceable stores and equipment at an original cost of $316,135 to the Hong Kong Adventure Corps Limited without charge.


The Hong Kong Adventure Corps Limited (HKAC) requires stores and equipment to run a youth development programme for which the Royal Hong Kong Regiment (The Volunteers) (RHKR(V)) was responsible before its disbandment in September 1995.


2. The Secretary for Security proposes to supply to HKAC without charge serviceable stores and equipment previously used by the Junior Corps (J Corps) of the RHKR(V).


3. The RHKR(V) started a youth development programme known as the J Corps in 1971. The aim was to develop the character, leadership skills and a sense of community awareness among boys between the ages of 14 and 17. The boys received training in map reading, first aid, swimming, life saving, playing in a musical band, expedition, etc. Before the disbandment of RHKR(V) in September 1995, J Corps had a membership of up to 300 boys.

4. To continue with the pursuit of the aims of the J Corps, some former members of the Regiment who were involved with the J Corps formed the HKAC in 1994. The HKAC is a non-profit making and non-governmental organisation financed through fund raising activities and sponsorship. The HKAC intends to provide to its members essentially the same type of training as that previously provided by the J Corps. Such training has proven to be not only attractive to young people but is also an excellent vehicle to develop the character, team spirit and leadership skills of youth. Similar to the J Corps, the HKAC will schedule the majority of its training in the evenings and over the weekends. The HKAC intends to expand its membership with a view to providing training to 1 000 youths split equally between boys and girls.

5. In order to minimise the start-up costs to the HKAC, the Secretary for Security proposes to transfer the training stores and equipment previously used by J Corps to HKAC. The items to be transferred include camping, orienteering, rescue, first aid and teaching equipment, and are surplus to Government requirement upon the disbandment of the RHKR(V).


6. The original cost of the stores and equipment to be transferred to HKAC is $316,135. The Director of Government Supplies, having regard to the present condition of the items, assesses their estimated auction value to be around $34,300. The proposed transfer, if approved, will imply a notional loss of revenue of $34,300.


7. Under the relevant Stores Regulation, the supply of stores without charge to institutions or organisations established solely or principally for educational, scientific, cultural or charitable purposes will need the approval of Finance Committee if the total value of serviceable stores exceeds $20,000.

Security Branch
October 1995

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