Finance Committee

Public Works Subcommittee

1995/96 Session

60 Correctional Services Department Quarters at Pik Uk
Boarding Section for Special School in Area 25, Shatin
Central Kowloon Child Assessment Centre and Skills Centre
Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices Building
Education - Primary -- Non-standard primary school in area 2, Tsuen Wan
Education -- Primary -- Primary school in Ko Chiu Road, Kwun Tong
Education - Primary -- Primary School in Whampoa Garden, Hong Kong; Second Primary school in area 27, Tsueng Kwan O;Second primary school in Whampoa Garden, Hung Hom
Education - Primary -- Two primary schools in area 59, Tseung Kwan O; Primary School in Kwai Fong Estate, Kwai Chung
Education - Primary -- Primary school in Ko Chiu Road, Kwun Tong
Education -- Secondary -- Secondary School in area 5B, Tuen Mun
Education -- Secondary -- Secondary School in Tsui Wan Estate, Chai Wan
Education - Tertiary/Other -- A skills opportunity school at area 18, Fanling
Education - Tertiary/Other -- Practical school at Mei Lai Road, Shamshuipo
Education - Tertiary/Other -- School Improvement Programme - Phase 3 (government schools)
Food Supply - Abattoirs, wholesale markets, and other territory-wide food supply facilites -- Sheung Shui Slaughterhouse
Government Offices - Others -- Public Records Office Building at Tsui Ping Road, Kwun Tong
Law and Order -- Judiciary -- Conversion of the French Mission Building into the Court of Final Appeal
Minor Improvements to Sewage Treatment and Disposal Facilities at Various Government Buildings and Military Camps
Mirs Bay Vessel Traffic Centre -- Civil Works
Noise Abatement Measures in Govenment Schools, Stage IV
Primary School in Area 25, Tsuen Wan
A primary school in Ma Hang, Stanley
Purchase and fitting-out of office accomodation for the Legislative Council
Recreation, Culture and Amenities -- Sports Facilities -- Reprovisioning of Yeung Uk Road sportsground in Shing Mun Valley, area 7, Tsuen Wan
Redevelopment of Stanley Prison Area, Phase II
Secondary School in Area 59, Tseung Kwan O
Secondary School in Area 14, Tin Shui Wai
Secondary School in Area 9, Tai Po
Secondary School in Area 49A, Fanling
Sheung Shui Slaughterhouse
Quarters -- Others -- Purchase of departmental quarters for married staff of the ICAC 1996
Weather Radar Station at Tai Mo Shan

Capital Works Reserve Fund
Buildings -- Block Allocations
Capital Subventions and Major Systems and Equipment -- Block Allocations
Civil Engineering -- Block Allocations
Computerization -- Block Allocation
Drainage -- Block Allocations
Highways -- Block Allocations
Housing -- Block Allocations
Housing -- Tin Shui Wai further development -- engineering investigations
Land Acquisition -- Block Allocations
New Towns and Urban Area Development -- Block Allocations
Port and Airport Development -- Block Allocations
Port and Airport Development Air and Sea Communications - Support -- New Airport Works Project Management Phase IV
Waterworks -- Block allocations

Civil Engineering
Environmental Protection - Refuse disposal -- Island West Refuse Transfer Station
Landship Preventive Measures
Northeast New Territories Reclamation for Dumping
Public Safety -- Landslip prevention -- Sysetmatic identiification and registration of slopes

Central, Western and Wan Chai West Sewage -- Works and Identification of Individual Improper Connections
Civil Engineering - Drainage and erosion protection -- Stormwater drainage master plan study on northern Hong Kong Island
Civil Engineering -- Drainage and erosion protection -- Territorial land drainage and flood control strategy study phase III
Environmental Protection - Sewerage and sewage treatment -- Outlying Islands sewerage, stage 1, phase I
Environmental Protection - Sewerage and sewage treatment -- Sham Tseng sewerage and sewage treatment and disposal facilities
Environmental Protection - Sewerage and sewage treatment -- Outlying Islands sewerage, Stage I, Phase I
Feasibility Study for Provision of Decking to Existing Open Nullahs
Investigation of Sewers and Drains Affecting the Safety of Fill Slopes and Retaining Walls
Shenzhen River Improvement Works, Stage II -- Advance Works
Stormwater Drainage Master Plan Study in Tsuen Wan, Kwai Chung and Tsing Yi
Tuen Mun Sewerage, Stage I
Environmental Protection -- Sewerage and sewage treatment -- Upgrading of sewage treatment works for sludge disposal

Hiram's Highway Improvement, Phase 2 : Flyover and Improvement at Junction with Clear Water Bay Road
Improvements to Castle Peak Road from Siu Lam to So Kwun Tan
Reconstruction of Major Roads in the Territory
Transport - Roads -- Reconstruction of major roads in the territory, 1995-96 programme
Transport - Interchanges and bus terminal -- Public Transport interchange at the Tai Kok Tsui Airport Railway Station
Transport - Footbridges and pedestrian tunnels -- Reconstruction of the footbridge across Kwun Tong Road at Tsun Yip Lane, Kwun Tong
Transport - Roads -- Noise reducing highway surfacing on Island Eastern Corridor, Princess Margaret Road, Kwun Tong Road and Tai Po Road
Traffice Surveillance and Information System for Tuen Mun Road -- Stage 2
Transport - Roads -- Extension of O'Brien Road Footbridge across Hennessy Road

Additional Treatment and Water Transfer Facilities for the Metropolitan Area and North-eastern New Territories -- Stage I
Ngau Tam Mei Treatment Works - construction

10 July 1996
1 July 1996
26 June 1996
12 June 1996
4 June 1996
17 April 1996
15 March 1996
7 February 1996
24 January 1996
10 January 1996
7 December 1995
8 November 1995
23 October 1995

New Towns and Urban Area Development
Construction of Two Bridges and Roads and Drains to Serve the Housing Site in Area 18, Tuen Mun
Environmental Protection -- Sewerage and Sewage Treatment -- Provision of sewers and sewage treatment plants in rural areas in the New Territories
Hong Kong Island and Islands Development -- North Lantau Phase IIA Development in Tung Chung, Reclamation Works
Hong Kong Island and Islands Development -- North Lantau Phase IIA Development in Tung Chung, Engineering Works
Hong Kong Island and Islands Development -- Tai O Development, package 4, staget I engineering works
Housing - Rural Housing Improvement -- Local public works in the rural New Territories (1992/93 - 1996/97) Programme
Housing - Rural Housing Improvement -- Village improvements and development schemes in the New Territories
Improvements, Reconstruction and extension of Village Access Roads in the New Territories
Improvements to Ying Yip Road and Silverstrand Beach Road at Junctions with Hang Hau Road and Clear Water Bay Road
Kowloon Development -- Engineering infrastructure on Hung Hom Bay reclamation
Kowloon Development -- West Kowloon Reclamation -- Main Works (remainder)
Land Formation for Supplementary Public Rental Housing Site -- Lei Yue Mun
New Territories East Development -- Ma On Shan Development -- Roads and Drains in Area 77, Ma On Shan
New Territories East Development -- Sha Tin New Town, Stage II -- Construction of Road T3
New Territories East Development -- Sha Tin Ne Town, Stage II - engineering development, package 23, phase 2
New Territories East Developmentt - Sha Tin New Town - stage II : servicing and extension of Chap Wai Kon, Ngauu Pei Sha and To Shek Villages in area 35
New Territories East Development -- Sha Tin New Town, Stage II -- Engineering Development, Package 13
New Territories East Development -- Tseung Kwan O Development, Phase III, Remaining Engineering Works
New Territories North East Development -- Main Drainage Channels for Fanling, Sheung Shui and Hinterland
New Territories East Development -- Water Supply to Tseung Kwan O
New Territories North Development -- Main drainage channels and poldered village protection schemes for Shan Tin, North West New Territories
New Territories North Development -- Tin Shui Wai Development, Package 3, Part II, Village Flood Protection Works - remainder
New Territories West Development -- Intersection of Castle Peak and Kwai Chung Roads : Improvements, Stage II
New Territories West Development - Tuen Mun New Town Engineering Development, formation, roads and drains in area 52 (remainder), and footbridge across Road D9
North Lantau Phase IIB Development in Tung Chung, Engineering Works
Transport - Roads -- Improvement, reconstruction and extension of village across roads in the New Territories
Tuen Mun New Twon Engineering Development, Formation, Roads and Drains in Area 52 (Remainder), and footbridge Across Road D9
Yung Shue Wan Development, Engineering Works
Village Improvements and Development Schemes in the New Territories

Port and Airport Development
Dredging of Rambler Channel and Its Approaches
Government Facilites for the Second Runway of the new Airport at Chek Lap Kok
Reclamation and Servicing of Tuen Mun Area 38 for Special Industries
Study on Tonggu Waterway
Territory Development -- Reclamation and servicing of Tuen Mun Area 38 for special industries

Other Business
Revised Terms of Reference for PWSC
Supplementary information – The block allocations under the Capital Works Reserve Fund Heads of Expenditure

Water Works
Inspection of Buried Water-mains Affecting Slopes -- Consultants' Fees
Integration of the North Point and Central Cross Harbour Mains Supply Zones -- Remaining Works
Reconstruction of Diamond Hill Salt Water Service Reservoir
Treatment and Disposal of Waterworks Sludge from Existing Water Treatment Works -- Main Works
Water Supplies - Fresh water supplies -- Monitoring and control fresh water supply systems

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