House Committee
1995/96 Session

Meeting Agenda

Date :10 November 1995
Time:2:30 p.m.

Item No. Subject
I.Confirmation of the minutes of the last meeting held on 3.11.95
(LegCo Paper No. HB 99/95-96)
II.Matters arising
Proposed delegation of the House Committee to attend the hearing of the United Nations Committee Against Torture on 17.11.95
(LegCo Paper No. PL 162/95-96)
III.Legal Adviser's report on the subsidiary legislation tabled in the Legislative Council on 8.11.95
(LegCo Paper No. LS 21/95-96)
IV.Position report on Bills Committees and Subcommittees
(LegCo Paper No. HB 108/95-96)
V.Legal Adviser's report on bills referred to the House Committee under Standing Order No. 42(3A)

  1. Medical Registration (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill 1995
    (LegCo Paper No. LS 24/95-96)
  2. Non-Local Higher and Professional Education (Regulation) Bill
    (LegCo Paper No. LS 23/95-96)
VI.Business for the LegCo sitting on 22.11.95

  1. Questions
    (LegCo Paper No. CB 141/95-96)
  2. Statement
    No statement has yet been notified.
  3. Government Motion
    Three resolutions under section 7(3) of the Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance (Cap. 59)
    (LegCo Paper No. LS 22/95-96)
  4. Bills - 1st and 2nd Readings
    1. Estate Agents Bill
    2. Rehabilitation of Offenders (Amendment) Bill 1995
  5. Motion debate on "Unemployment assistance scheme" - to be moved by Miss CHAN Yuen-han
    Wording already considered at the last meeting.
  6. Motion debate on "Monitoring of gas supply and charges" - to be moved by Mr LAU Chin-shek
    Wording already considered at the last meeting.
VII.Advance information on motion debates for the LegCo sitting on 29.11.95

  1. Motion debate on "Vietnamese migrants problem"
    The above motion (attached) will be moved by Mrs Selina CHOW.
  2. Motion debate on "Entry visa for Taiwan visitors"
    The above motion (attached) will be moved by Mr Lawrence YUM Sin-ling.
VIII.Reports by Panels/Bills Committees/Subcommittees

  1. Interim report by the Subcommittee to study the Building (Administration) (Amendment) (No. 3) Regulation 1995 and the Marine Fish Culture (Amendment) Regulation 1995
    (LegCo Paper No. HB 115/95-96 to follow)
  2. Report by the Subcommittee to study the Leveraged Foreign Exchange Trading (Calls) Rules
    (LegCo Paper No. HB 114/95-96 to follow)
  3. Report by the Subcommittee on Procedural Matters - Processing of bills
    Verbal report by Chairman.
IX.Any Other Business

  1. Hong Kong tour guide Paul AU Wing Cheung and citizen WONG Chuen Ming
    A paper from Mr Howard YOUNG is attached.
  2. Concluding observations of the United Nations Human Rights Committee and statement by Chairperson of the Committee
    A copy of the documents is attached. Ms Emily LAU will propose that the Chairman of the House Committee send letters to thank the 17 members of the Human Rights Committee and urge them to continue monitoring developments.

Legislative Council Secretariat
26 July 1996

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