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Copyright Bill
Meeting Agenda

Date :18 April 1997
Time:8:30 a.m.

Item No. Subject
I.Meeting with deputations
  1. Meeting with computer software trade associations

    (8:30 am - 9:15 am)
    - Business Software Alliance (BSA)

    Paper No. CB(1)1288/96-97(01) - submission from BSA entitled 廍top 喰idden�Piracy: Do Not Allow Decompilation�P> Paper No. CB(1)1288/96-97(02) - submission from BSA entitled 鏠opyright Bill: Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Hong Kong�P> - Software Publishers Association (SPA)
    submission to follow

  2. Meeting with deputations from film and music industries
    (9:15 am - 10:25 am)

    - Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories Motion Picture Industry Association (MPIA) Paper No. CB(1)1288/96-97(03) - submission from MPIA

    - Hong Kong Film Directors�Guild (HKFDG)
    submission to follow

    - Music Publishers Association of Hong Kong Limited (MPAHK)
    Paper No. CB(1)1288/96-97(04) - submission from MPAHK

II.Any other business

Legislative Council Secretariat
16 April 1997

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