Finance Committee

Establishment Subcommittee
Meeting Agenda as of 31 October 1996

Date :6 November 1996
Time:9:00 am

Item No. Subject
I.Proposed retention of a supernumerary post of Principal Executive Officer(D1) in 1997-98 draft Estimates in the Department of Health to facilitate the continued secondment of an officer to the Society for the Aid and Rehabilitation of the Drug Abusers as Executive Director

(In attendance : The Principal Assistant Secretary for Security/the Assistant Director of Health)


II.Proposed deletion of eight permanent directorate posts on the Hong Kong Monetary Authority as they are no longer required

(In attendance : The Principal Assistant Secretary for Financial Services/the Head(Administration), Hong Kong Monetary Authority)


III.Proposed creation of a permanent post of Chief Building Services Engineer(D1) to head a second Building Services(New Works) Section in the Housing Department

(In attendance : The Senior Assistant Director of Housing/the Chief Building Services Engineer, Housing Department)


IV.Proposed -(a)upgrading the post of Controller, Student Financial Assistance Agency from Principal Executive Officer(D1) to Senior Principal Executive Officer(D2) with effect from 1 December 1996 to meet the increased responsibilities and complexities of the post ; and(b)increase of the permanent establishment ceilings of the Student Financial Assistance Agency

(In attendance : The Principal Assistant Secretary for Education and Manpower/the Controller, Student Financial Assistance Agency)


V.Proposed transfer of one permanent post of Administrative Officer Staff Grade C(D2) and 24 non-directorate posts from the Information Co-ordinator's Office under Offices of the Chief Secretary and the Financial Secretary to the Information Services Department with effect from 1 April 1997

(In attendance : The Principal Assistant Secretary for Home Affairs/the Deputy Director of Information Services)


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