Finance Committee

Establishment Subcommittee
Meeting Agenda as of 23 November 1996

Date :27 November 1996
Time:10:45 a.m

Item No. Subject
I.Proposed creation of a permanent post of Administrative Officer Staff Grade C(D2) in the Education and Manpower Branch of the Government Secretariat with effect from 1 January 1997 to cope with the additional workload in respect of industrial safety and other related issues
(In attendance : The Deputy Secretaries for Education and Manpower/the Principal Assistant Secretary for Education and Manpower)
EC(96-97)45 *
II.Proposed retention of a supernumerary post of Deputy Principal Crown Counsel(DL2) from 1 April 1997 to 30 September 1997 in the Law Drafting Division of the Legal Department to deal with the localisation of United Kingdom legislation now applicable to Hong Kong and the adaptation of Hong Kong laws to conform to the Basic Law
(In attendance : The Law Draftsman, Legal Department/the Chambers Manager, Legal Department)
IIIProposed retention of four supernumerary posts of one Administrative Officer Staff Grade B(D3) and one Administrative Officer Staff Grade C(D2) in the Security Branch, one Assistant Commissioner of Correctional Services(GDS(C)2) in the Correctional Services Department and one Assistant Director of Immigration(GDS(C)2) in the Immigration Department until 30 September 1997 to deal with the repatriation of Vietnamese Migrants(VMs) and other related problems of VMs, and the resettlement of the Vietnamese Refugees
(In attendance : The Deputy Secretary for Security/the Refugee Coordinator,Security Branch/the Deputy Commissioner of Correctional Services/the Civil Secretary, Correctional Services Department/the Assistant Director of Immigration)
IVProposed retention of the consultancy position of one Consultant(at Principal Crown Counsel(DL3)) from 21 May 1997 to 27 December 1997 in the Civil Division of the Legal Department to provide legal advice and conduct litigation in relation to Vietnamese asylum seekers and illegal immigrants
(In attendance : The Crown Solicitor, Legal Department)

* resubmission item

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