Finance Committee

Establishment Subcommittee
Meeting Agenda as of 23 November 1996

Date :29 January 1997
Time:10:45 a.m

Item No. Subject
I. Proposed making permanent the post of Principal Management Services Officer(D1) to carry out work of a continuous nature in the Management Services Division of the Government Property Agency
(In attendance : The Principal Assistant Secretary for the Treasury/the Deputy Government Property Administrator)
II. Proposed retention of four directorate supernumerary posts in the Financial Services Branch for 13 months from 1 March 1997 to 31 March 1998 in order to continue work on the development of the Mandatory Provident Fund System
(In attendance : The Secretary for Financial Services/the Director, Mandatory Provident Fund Office/the Principal Executive Officer, Mandatory Provident Fund Office)
III. Proposed creation of a permanent post of Principal Government Engineer(D3) in the Transport Department to meet the increased workload and responsibility and to strengthen the department's transport planning and traffic management capability
(In attendance : The Principal Assistant Secretary for Transport/the Commissioner for Transport/the Assistant Commissioner for Transport)
IV. Proposed creation of a permanent post of Principal Executive Officer(D1) in the Transport Department with effect from 1 April 1997 to head the Licensing Division
(In attendance : The Assistant Commissioner for Transport)
V. Proposed -
  1. extension of the supernumerary posts under the Double Ladder Scheme, the Development Posts Scheme and the Succession Posts Scheme from 1 April 1997 to 31 March 1998; and
  2. delegation of authority to the Controlling Officer to create supernumerary directorate posts of no more than 14 Assistant Principal Crown Counsel(DL1) and four Principal Crown Counsel(DL3) posts held against posts at the lower rank

(In attendance : The Solicitor General, Legal Department/the Chambers Manager, Legal Department)

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