1996/97 Session

Finance Committee (FC) is a standing committee of the Legislative Council (the Council) established under Standing Order 60(1) of the Council. The functions of FC are those conferred upon FC by the Public Finance Ordinance (Chapter 2), any other law and the Standing Orders (SO) of the Council, and such as may from time to time be referred to FC by the Council. [SO 60(2A)] Its functions include -
  1. examination of the Estimates of Expenditure presented in accordance with SO 54 and referred by the President of the Council (the President) in accordance with SO 60(9); and
  2. approving proposals to change the approved Estimates of Expenditure presented by the Financial Secretary in accordance with section 8(1) of the Public Finance Ordinance.

The committee normally meets in public every Friday afternoon to scrutinise proposals for public expenditure. Its approval is required for any programme involving the spending of public money. There are two subcommittees under the Finance Committee: the Establishment Subcommittee and the Public Works Subcommittee.

The Members of the Committee are :-

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