Note for The Legislative Council Constitutional Affairs Panel

Achievements at JLG XXXVIII
(4 to 6 December 1996)

Since JLG XXXVII there have been numerous expert contacts. The following agreements were reached and confirmed before JLG XXXVIII:

  1. the Agreed Minute on the Handover Ceremony (27 September 1996);

  2. HK/Indonesia Surrender of Fugitive Offenders Agreement (October 1996);

  3. the Agreed Minute on the Exchanged Fund (13 November 1996);

  4. HK/Japan Air Services Agreement (November 1996); and

  5. Privileges and immunities for the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Sydney (November 1996).

2. In addition at JLG XXXVIII, the following agreements were reached:

  1. the localisation of the Official Secrets Act; and

  2. the new franchise for New Lantao Bus Company (1973) Limited.

3. The two Senior Representatives also signed the Agreed Minutes for the following Airport-related franchises:

  1. Inter-plane Fuelling Services;

  2. Ground Support Equipment Maintenance Services; and

  3. Management, Operation and Maintenance of the Tsing Ma Control Area.

4. A copy of the communiqué is in Annex A. A copy of Mr Hugh Davies’ press statement is in Annex B.

Constitutional Affairs Branch
10 December 1996


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