Note for the Legislative Council CA Panel

JLG Expert Contacts

In between the Plenary meetings of the Joint Liaison Group there are regular expert contacts. The form in which these contacts take place vary according to the nature of the work to be done. Recent examples include regular meetings to discuss -

  1. International Rights and Obligations;

  2. Defence and Public Order;

  3. the transitional Budget and related issues; and

  4. the Right of Abode.

2. In the period between JLG XXXVII and JLG XXXVIII, experts of the two sides discussed the following subjects -

  1. the Handover Ceremony;

  2. assets;

  3. the implementation of the 1990 Agreed Record on Archives;

  4. the transitional Budget and related issues;

  5. Defence and Public Order;

  6. the Garrison Law;

  7. Right of Abode;

  8. New Lantao Bus Franchise;

  9. Adaptation of Laws;

  10. Railway Development Strategy;

  11. International Rights and Obligations;

  12. Video-on-Demand;

  13. Mandatory Provident Fund System

  14. Science Park; and

  15. Localisation of Laws.

Constitutional Affairs Branch
09 May, 1997


Last Updated on 13 August 1998