Legislative Council Panel on Environmental Affairs
Meeting on 7 November 1996
Procedures and Legislation Governing the Erection of Overhead Power Lines


This paper outlines the procedures and legislation governing high-voltage overhead power line projects1 from inception to construction commencement. The flow chart at Annex 1 is a simplified illustration.


2. In planning an overhead power line, a power company has to observe the Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines (HKPSG). The relevant chapter in the HKPSG covers environmental, health and safety considerations, a summary of which is at Annex 2.

Environmental consideration

3. For overhead power line projects which may have environmental impacts, the power company has to submit the project profile to Government for an environmental review (ER). Pursuant to the ER, Government will advise the power company whether an environmental impact assessment (EIA) is necessary. Ecological, air, noise and waste impacts of the construction and operations of the power line are addressed during the ER and EIA.

4. High-voltage overhead power lines will be subject to the process in the EIA Bill now being considered by a Bills Committee if the power lines should affect existing or gazetted country parks, conservation areas, sites of cultural heritage or special scientific interest. A flow chart summarizing the proposed procedures is at Annex 3.


5. High-voltage overhead power line projects undergo a consultation process similar to that for a public works project. The power company will consult the relevant bodies like the Advisory Council on the Environment, District Boards, rural committees, village representatives, etc.

Lands procedures

6. The lands procedures are outlined in Annex 1. Details are at Annex 4.

Planning, Environment and Lands Branch
November 1996

1 -- High-voltage overhead power line projects refer to 400kV ones. There are overhead power lines of lower voltage levels e.g. 132kV, 66kV, 33kV and 11kV.

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