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On 10 April 1997, Members were informed of steps taken by the Administration to improve procedures relating to the approval of overhead power lines. This paper provides further information requested by Members on plans for development of the electricity transmission network over the next ten years.

Plans for development of the electricity transmission network

(a) China Light and Power

2. CLP’s existing overhead transmission system consists of a 400kV grid system overlaying a 132kV transmission network, as shown in blue and green, respectively, in Annex 1. CLP have no plans to replace existing power lines or to build new 400 kV overhead lines in the next 10 years. However, the company plans to commission three new 132kV overhead lines between 2000 and 2006 to meet new demand, as shown by the broken lines in Annex 1. Further information on the routes for these lines is at Annex 2.

(b) Hongkong Electric

3. HEC’s transmission system consists of eight 275kV circuits transmitting electricity from Lamma Power Station to Hong Kong Island and Apleichau through submarine cables. The 275kV transmission system is stepped down at strategic locations to 132kV underground cables and overhead lines. The HEC transmission network is shown in Annex 3. HEC have no plans to replace existing 132kV overhead lines or to build new overhead lines in the next 10 years. The routing of any possible new underground cable circuits associated with the new power station proposed by HEC cannot be indicated before completion of on-going site search and environmental impact studies.

(c) Interconnection

4. The CLP and HEC transmission networks are interconnected by 132kV submarine cables. The CLP transmission system is also interconnected to Guangdong via 400kV and 132kV transmission lines. There are no plans at present to increase interconnection capacity.

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May 1997

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