LegCo Panel on Economic Services
List of Outstanding Items
as at 4 November 1996

Feasibility Study on a Common Carrier System for Suppliers of gases for domestic water heating and cooking

    - to be completed by end of 1996.

    - on 12 February 1996, the Administration agreed that they would inform the Panel of any intermediate and final report on the findings.

Comprehensive Study on Marine Activities, Associated Risk Assessment & Development of Future Strategy for the Optimum Usage of Hong Kong Waters (MARAD study)

    - the Administration to report to the Panel the findings of MARAD study and the consequential follow up actions.

Further information to be provided by the Administration:-

(a) Review of price cap on telephone charges and Review of pricing structure of local telephone services

    - discussed on 24 June 1996.

    - the Administration to provide information on return on revenue and return on equity of HKTC for 1994/95

    - consultation paper on pricing structure of local telephone services issued in mid-August and deadline in mid-September. ESB and OFTA would report back to the Panel on the results of consultation.

(b) Safety of LPG Cylinder Regulators

    - discussed on 18 September 1996

    - the Administration to report to the Panel the results of the final investigation of two incidents in July 1996 and August 1996 respectively which were suspected to be caused by faults of LPG cylinder regulators

(c) Consultation Agreement on Tariff Revision of the Hong Kong and China Gas Co Ltd (HKCG)

    - discussed on 25 October 1996.

    - the Administration and HKCG are finalising the consultation agreement. ESB would report details of the consultation agreement to the Panel.

LegCo Secretariat
6 November 1996

Last Updated on 14 August 1998