Financial Affairs


1996/97 Session

2 June 1997
19 May 1997
5 May 1997
7 April 1997
24 March 1997
3 March 1997
24 February 1997
27 January 1997
6 January 1997
16 December 1996
2 December 1996
4 November 1996
10 October 1996
2 October 1996

Adequacy of Reserves of Insurance Companies
An analysis of the performance of the exchange fund
Basic Approach of the MPF System -- Security of Scheme Assets
Basic Approach of the MPF System -- Setting Up a Cost-effective MPF System
Basic Approach of the MPF System -- Obligations and Responsibilities under the MPF System
Bullion Trading
Consultation paper on investor participation in Hong Kong Securities Clearing Co. Ltd's Central Clearing and Settlement System
Consulation paper on Management, Supervision and Internal Control Guidelines for Persons Registered with or Licensea by the Securities and Futures Commission
The Fiscal Reserves
The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government Land Fund
Information Note of the meeting held on 3 March 1997
Government Advisory Bodies Relevant to the Terms of Reference of the Panel
Information Note for the Legislative Council Panel on Financial Affairs Management of the Fiscal Reserves
Manpower Planning for the Financial Services Sector
Paper from The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited
Price volatility in second and third liner stocks
Review of the Trading Fund Operation Update as at March 1997
Rolling Forex and Future Development of Hong Kong's Foreign Exchange Market
Verification of Directors' list with regard to property fraud

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