(Letterhead of Secretariat of Legislative Councillors & Research Centre of the Democratic Party) 17 October 1996

Mrs. Vivian KAM
Chief Assistant Secretary (1)2
LegCo Secretariat

Dear Mrs. Kam,

In preparation for the meeting of the Panel on Housing to be held on 4 November 1996, I would like to raise the following questions. Please convey them to the Housing Branch and urge for an early written reply.

I. Quality of Sandwich Class Housing

1. What is the total number of households eligible for Sandwich Class Housing (SCH) in the territory at present?

2. How does the Housing Society (HS) select contractors to undertake its construction projects? What criteria are adopted in making the selection? Has open tender been called for in this aspect?

3. What steps are taken by the HS to monitor the working procedures of its housing projects? Is it achieved through conducting regular check by appointed officers or making inspection when certain working procedures are completed? If regular check is conducted, what is the interval of each check?

4. Will the HS consider allowing residents to choose the interior fitting-out, like flooring, they require without violating the Buildings Ordinance? Will residents be allowed to purchase the flats with lower prices if they choose to give up certain interior fitting-out?

II. Re-mortgage of Sandwich Class Housing Units

5. Will SCH Loan Scheme applicants be allowed to apply for re-mortgage after mortgage arrangements have been settled? Are the arrangements different from those of the private property transaction in general? If so, please explain the reason for the discrepancy.

6. How many applications for re-mortgage have been received since the implementation of the SCH Loan Scheme / SCH Scheme? How many of these applications are successful?

LAM Pui-yee
for Hon LEE Wing-tat
Chairman, LegCo Panel on Housing

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