(Letterhead of the Secretariat of Legislative Councillors
& Research Centre of the Democratic Party)
28 April 1997

Mrs. Vivian KAM
Assistant Secretary General
LegCo Secretariat

Dear Mrs. Kam,

In preparation for the meeting of the LegCo Panel on Housing to be held on 12 May 1997, I would like to raise the following questions. Please convey them to the Housing Branch and urge for an early written reply from the Administration.

Hong Kong Housing Society

  1. Please list the respective dates on which the Government granted land to the Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) for the implementation of the four projects under the Sandwich Class Housing Scheme (SCHS), as well as the premiums and the areas of the respective lots.

  2. Please provide the total cost and income of the four projects under SCHS which comprise Tivoli Garden (Tsing Yi), Park Belvedere (Ma On Shan), Radiant Towers (Tseung Kwan O) and Marina Habitat (Ap Lei Chau). Please also provide the construction cost per square feet of the above projects.

  3. Please provide the number of units constructed under respective programmes of Public Rental Housing (PRH), SCHS, Flats For Sale Scheme (FFSS) and Urban Improvement Scheme (UIS) over the past 10 years, and the number of units planned for construction during the next 5 years. In addition, what major factors were taken into consideration when HKHS decided on the respective number of housing units to be build under the above schemes?

  4. What percentage of the market price of premiums did the Government demand from HKHS when granting land to it for the implementation of PRH, SCHS, FFSS and UIS?

  5. What kind of role does the Government think HKHS should play in the provision of housing units?

  6. How much surplus does HKHS have at present? How will HKHS make use of the surplus? How did HKHS use its surplus over the past 5 years? Please provide in tabular form the breakdowns of items of expenditure and the amounts involved.

  7. How did HKHS determine the sale price of housing units under FFSS and UIS?

  8. In the past, HKHS had reservations in implementing re-development programmes with anticipated deficits. What is the upper ceiling of an anticipated deficit which will make HKHS stop proceeding with a re-development project?

LAM Pui-yee
for Hon LEE Wing-tat
Chairman, LegCo Panel on Housing

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