LegCo Paper No. CB(1)92/96-97
Ref : CB1/PL/PLW

LegCo Panel on Planning, Lands and Works

Minutes of meeting
held on Wednesday, 2 October 1996 at 8:30 a.m.
in Conference Room B of the Legislative Council Building

Members present :

    Hon Edward S T HO, OBE, JP (Chairman)
    Hon Albert CHAN Wai-yip (Deputy Chairman)
    Hon Ronald ARCULLI, OBE, JP
    Hon James TO Kun-sun
    Dr Hon Samuel WONG Ping-wai, MBE, FEng, JP
    Hon IP Kwok-him
    Hon NGAN Kam-chuen
    Hon SIN Chung-kai
    Hon TSANG Kin-shing

Members absent :

    Hon LAU Wong-fat, OBE, JP
    Hon CHOY Kan-pui, JP
    Dr Hon John TSE Wing-ling

Clerk in attendance :

Miss Odelia LEUNG
Chief Assistant Secretary (1)1

Staff in attendance :

Miss Pauline NG
Assistant Secretary General 1
Ms Sarah YUEN
Senior Assistant Secretary (1)1
Mrs Mary TANG
Senior Assistant Secretary (1)2

I. Election of Chairman and Deputy Chairman

(Appendix I to LegCo Paper No. CB(1)2132/95-96)

Members were invited to note that in accordance with Standing Order 60E(6), those who were Chairmen/Deputy Chairmen of government advisory bodies relevant to the Planning, Lands and Works Panel would not be eligible to stand for election.

2. Mr Edward S T HO and Mr Albert CHAN Wai-yip were elected Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Panel respectively.

II. Terms of reference

(Appendix II to LegCo Paper No. CB(1)2132/95-96)

3. Members agreed to maintain the current terms of reference.

III. Schedule of meetings for the 1996-97 session

4. Members agreed that regular meetings of the Panel would be held on the third Tuesday of each month at 10:45 a.m.

IV. Items for discussion at the next meeting

(Appendix III to LegCo Paper No. CB(1)2132/95-96)

5. For the first regular meeting, members agreed to meet on 15 October 1996 at 4:30 p.m. to discuss the following items -

  1. Supplemental agreement for the construction of passenger terminal building at the new airport; and
  2. Design-build contracts administered by the government.

6. Members agreed to discuss the following items at the regular meeting scheduled for 19 November 1996 at 10:45 a.m. -

  1. Demographic projections;
  2. Territorial Development Strategy Review; and
  3. Consultation paper on the Town Planning White Bill.

Members would consider the issue on urban design in the context of the Town Planning White Bill.

7. Apart from the outstanding items for discussion as listed in Appendix III to LegCo Paper No. CB(1)2132/95-96, members agreed to include in the list "Policy on land exchange". Members also agreed that the Panel would take part in the discussion of the Western Corridor Railway Project when it came to a more advanced stage.

V. Provision of information papers and reports

8. Members reiterated the need for the Administration to provide bilingual information papers and reports to the Panel on time.

9. The meeting closed at 8:50 a.m.

Legislative Council Secretariat
9 October 1996

Last Updated on 21 August 1998